Lobster with lemon slice on wooden board

The Fancy Foods You Won’t BELIEVE You Can Find In The Frozen Food Aisle

Chilling out has never been so luxurious

The Fancy Foods You Won’t BELIEVE You Can Find In The Frozen Food Aisle

We all know that freezing food can be a great way to retain nutrients and flavour (psst... read up on the benefits of frozen foods here), but foodies will be happy to learn that even lavish, gourmet meals can now be found in the freezer section.

Forget the fish fingers and chips and discover how the frozen food aisle has been given a seriously luxurious upgrade. From meaty whole lobster and luscious half shell scallops to rich steak and Guinness pie and indulgent raspberry roulade, skip the fancy restaurant this weekend and dish up your next gourmet meal from the freezer instead. 

The great thing about frozen foods is that they're ultra convenient. You can have a delicious and nutritious meal on the table in minutes, without having to pop out to the shops or spend hours prepping.

Having friends round? Wow your guests with a meal made from soft noodles topped with cooked crab claws and sweet chilli sauce - no trip to the fish monger needed!

Vegetarians will love indulging in creamy mushroom risotto made with white wine, shallots and chestnut mushrooms. Or whip up a veggie feast with Linda McCartney's (yes, the Linda McCartney) juicy veggie sausages made with red onion and rosemary, the perfect accompaniment to a dollop of sweet potato mash

And don't forget about dessert! How does a luxurious Black Forest Gateau sound, with dense layers of chocolate cake wedged between sweet creamy filling and topped with juicy Morello cherries and chocolate drops? Or serve up a French-inspired fluffy sponge, stacked between layers of velvety chocolate mousse and piled with profiteroles.

Who said luxury comes at a cost? With high-quality frozen foods, you can indulge in extravagant ingredients and meals for a fraction of the price. Find your next gourmet meal in Asda's frozen food aisle