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5 delicious ways to drink gin and gin liqueurs this Christmas

There's so much more to gin than your average G&T

5 delicious ways to drink gin and gin liqueurs this Christmas

From fruity cocktails to sophisticated spritzes, aromatic gin works wonders in dozens of different drinks.

What's more, the rise of gin liqueurs means you can enjoy a cheeky tipple without such a high alcohol content. Sweeter than regular gin and with a lower ABV, gin liqueurs come in a range of flavours (ours include rhubarb and ginger, grapefruit and elderflower, and gingerbread shimmer) and are a brilliant way of adding fruity notes and delicate colours to your cocktail cabinet.

Check out five of our favourite ways to drink gin and gin liqueurs below.

Gingerbread shimmer buck's fizz

Gingerbread? Buck's fizz? Count us in.

Start Christmas Day the way you mean to go on with our spin on the classic breakfast tipple: Buck's fizz. Simply add a splash of our Gingerbread Gin Liqueur to your prosecco alongside some fresh clementine juice for the ultimate pre-noon indulgence. It's Christmas, after all!

Spiced lemon and ginger mule

This rum and gin liqueur cocktail is ready to party. Fizzy, sweet and jam-packed with fiery ginger ale, fruity spiced rum and sweet and summery rhubarb and ginger gin liqueur, this bubbly drink makes the perfect tipple to serve at Christmas parties or New Year's Eve.

Rhubarb and ginger sour

This sweet, short drink balances syrupy gin liqueurs with earthy green tea and sharp lime for a delicious tart drink that's just as refreshing as it is delicious.

Pink gin spritz

Fancy something a bit fruitier? This bubbly pink gin spritz balances our berry pink gin with tart grapefruit and fragrant and floral elderflower tonic. Perfect for unwinding after a busy day of getting the house ready for Christmas, this refreshing number is also easy to scale up and make in a jug or pitcher to serve to friends.

Lemon and elderflower fizz

This zesty tipple of Extra Special Gin, lemon and elderflower topped up with bubbly prosecco is elegant, delicious and takes your classic fizz to the next level. Try serving this sophisticated cocktail to family members as they arrive on Christmas Day

Have our tasty tipples got you dreaming of a refreshing gin liqueur cocktail this holiday season? Find everything you need to make these delicious drinks online or pop into your local store.