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3 gin liqueurs you need to know about

Gin liqueurs are set to be the hottest cocktail trend this summer – here’s the trendiest ones to enjoy this summer

3 gin liqueurs you need to know about

Gin has been having its moment since 2018 and the popularity of the spirit has shown no sign of slowing down. More and more of us are favouring a trusty G&T over other classic tipples, and the spirit is popping up in everything from cakes to cookies.

"The big thing at the moment is flavoured gin liqueurs"

But now, according to drinks writer and author of The Gin Dictionary, David T. Smith, the gin trend is evolving and this summer it's all about gin liqueurs.

He said: "Because of high demand, people are becoming increasingly innovative, and we’re going to see more gins with different concepts and intricate flavourings. The big thing at the moment is flavoured gin liqueurs, which we’re going to see lots of through the summer."

This type of liqueur is made with distilled gin which is infused with fruits or herbs and then sweetened. Tempted to taste? Find out the 3 gin liqueurs you NEED to know about right now. 


Fan of cola and lover of gin? Then you need to try this Extra Special Cola Cube Gin. It's a heavenly mixture of all the tasty cola flavours infused in a gin. To enjoy it best, we've paired it with raspberry cordial, a teaspoon of cherry jam, lime juice and flavoured soda water and make it into a Raspberry & Cherry Cola gin cocktail. It's the ideal adult-only drink made for long, lazy afternoons in the garden. We’ll drink to that! 


2. Extra Special Rhubarb & Custard gin

For dessert lovers, look this way for our Extra Special Rhubarb & Custard Gin. It's afters in a bottle! Make it into a dessert-like tipple like no other with our Rhubarb Yogurt Gin Spritz. Using our Extra Special Rhubarb & Custard Gin, we've mixed together the likes of lemon juice, vanilla syrup, yogurt and cream soda. Delicious! 


3. Extra Special Strawberry Laces Gin liqueur

If you've got a sweet tooth, we've got another must-try gin. Introducing our Extra Special Strawberry Laces Gin. It pairs well with tonic, but if you want to make something a bit more special, treat yourself to a Strawberry & Watermelon ‘75 gin cocktail. It's sweet but refreshing in all the right places as it includes a glug or two of rose wine and the likes of agave syrup to add some extra sweetness. Cheers!


Feeling inspired to whip up some gin-tastic tipples this summer? Check out our Extra Special Strawberry Laces, Extra Special Cola Cube and Rhubarb and Custard Gin liqueurs at Asda

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