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The Good Living Fruit Farm Fizz Cocktail

Celebrate in style this spring with Good Living's very own gin cocktail!

The Good Living Fruit Farm Fizz Cocktail

These days trying to identify a good Gin can feel like stepping into a labyrinth of beautifully arranged bottles in your local supermarket or bar, there’s so much variety. Whilst it’s easy to stick with what you know, venturing out of your comfort zone can reveal a whole world of flavour and fun!

Isabella Newman, general manager of The Varsity Club in Oxford and owner of The Cocktail Ponders blog, created this fresh and simple cocktail to start your spring and summer season off with a bang. The Fruit Farm Fizz is a twist on the classic Gin Fizz that’s easy to drink and seriously tasty – plus you can find all the ingredients in your local Asda.

Fruit Farm Fizz

50ml Bombay London Dry Gin 
15ml fresh lemon juice 
25ml fresh pink grapefruit juice
20ml Belvoir Fruit Farms Raspberry & Lemon Cordial 
100ml Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower and Rose Presse 
Grapefruit peel and a fresh rose petal for garnish

This cocktail is built in a long Collins glass, making it a simple and quick drink to make when your friends walk through the front door.


Tall Collins or highball glass

Squeeze 1/4 a lemon into the bottom of the glass (roughly 15ml)
Add Belvoir Fruit Farms Raspberry and Lemon Cordial (20ml)
Add cubed ice to the top
Pour over your Bombay London Dry Gin (50ml)
Add fresh pink grapefruit juice (25ml)
Give it a quick stir to mix the sweet cordial into the rest of the liquid
Add Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower and Rose Presse to the top

TIP: Give this cocktail extra zing by squeezing the oils from the pink grapefruit skin over the top of the drink. A garnish is important as long as it complements the flavors in the drink: you taste with your sense of smell before the drink has even touched your lips. If your prefer sweeter tastes, add extra cordial or even more grapefruit if you like a bitter tipple.

TIP: Ice is also really important: it’s there to keep your beverage at optimum drinking temperature. The more ice, the less diluted your drink. That’s why we suggest filling the glass to the top.