Charlotte hawkins

Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins talks BBQs and pregnancy cravings

'I craved sausage and mash when I was pregnant. My husband loved it!'

Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins talks BBQs and pregnancy cravings

Good Morning Britain host Charlotte Hawkins, 43, lives in Surrey with her husband Matt and their three-year-old daughter Ella Rose.

What dish reminds you of home?
Roast chicken, stuffing – and as many roasties as possible. My mum had to cook a mountain of them as my big brothers and I would have a contest to see how many we could eat.

Favourite childhood food?
Cake! Icing was my favourite part. My mum used to make an extra-special one every year for our birthdays – one year I had a giant chocolate Rice Krispies horse!

Has motherhood affected your diet?
I eat more healthily now, and have fewer snacks. I also make sure I go to the gym. I’m teaching Ella Rose that our bodies work best when we put the best fuel in them, so I have to practise what I preach. She did catch me the other day having a piece of chocolate and looking very suspicious.

Did you have any strange cravings when you were pregnant?
Yes – lemon sherberts, bonbons and San Pellegrino. I went off salads, which I usually love, and craved comfort food, like sausage and mash and hot curries. My husband loved it!

You took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2017. How was it?
It was great – I could eat what I liked as I was burning it all off with the hours and hours of dancing. It was the fittest I’ve ever been, and I was on such an endorphin high.

Any advice for healthier eating?
I keep nuts or seeds in my handbag; it takes the edge off and gives you time to find something sensible to eat rather than just grabbing whatever is easiest.

Favourite barbecue dish?
I love having a bit of everything... Butterflied leg of lamb, homemade burgers, prawn skewers, asparagus with Parma ham. Delicious!

Any tips for saving on food waste?
For anything savoury, chop it up and pop it in a rice dish. With fruit, make a big smoothie. We have a dog who is happy to help with any leftovers, too!

Dream dinner party guests?
I love crime thrillers, so I’d gather my favourite detectives for a murder mystery night – Miss Marple, Columbo, Inspector Clouseau and Hercule Poirot – and see who solved it first!

Your last-supper meal?
A seafood platter to start, fillet steak with mushroom sauce and thick-cut truffle and Parmesan chips. Oh, and one of those chocolate dome desserts where you pour hot salted caramel sauce over the top... Heaven.

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