Britain’s first gravy bar set to open

Calling all gravy enthusiasts

Britain’s first gravy bar set to open

Britain’s first restaurant paying homage to the ‘finest part of the Sunday Roast’ is opening in Manchester's Northern Quarter later this year.

"The Gravy train is coming!"

Gravy Bar - as the name suggests, is a restaurant dedicated entirely to gravy; the amazing condiment that we can't live without. 

The owners have yet to reveal exactly when and where this magical creation will be opening, but what we do know, from looking at the menu, is that the bar is going to feature gravy in all its glory. From gravy poured over Yorkshire puddings to gravy-covered pies and chips drenched in the good stuff - gravy is certainly the star of the show at this restaurant. 

“Gravy Bar is a deluxe cuisinery in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, launching in early 2017," the website states. "It’s the first of its kind and our own true homage to the finest part of the Sunday roast: Gravy. The Gravy train is coming.”

On the menu, sauce enthusiasts are first encouraged to choose their gravy.

They can choose from the likes of 'The Old Classic' – which, according to the menu, is the 'type our mums used to make back in the 90s', there's the 'Beasto' – which is the 'thickest, filthiest and darkest meat gravy' and there's also the likes of the 'Lost Incan Gravy', which is a 'recipe so ancient and secretive only the high gravy priest really knows what’s in it'. How intriguing! 

Next up, guests are asked to choose their concept. Is it the 'Meat Pie' you’ll opt for? Or 'Mash of the Day'? And for vegetarians, there's 'Meet Pie' to dowse their gravy over. Lastly, all diners will have the chance to add some extras such as stuffing, a pickled egg, dipping chips, quinoa or hand pulled beef. Yum!

So, all you gravy lovers, keep your eyes peeled as there's a gravy train coming!

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