The great british bake off

9 of our favourite moments from this year’s Great British Bake Off

Including the highs, the lows and the very soggy bottoms...

9 of our favourite moments from this year’s Great British Bake Off

The finalists of this year's The Great British Bake Off will take to the tent one last time as they battle it out to win the coveted GBBO crown. 

The final curtain call is aired tonight on Tuesday October 31, where Kate, Sophie and Steven go head to head as they prepare to amaze the judges with their showstoppers and wow viewers with their wonderful masterpieces.

But who will go above and beyond? And who will fall at the final hurdle with a half-baked attempt? Only time will tell, but until then, let's take a look back one final time and remind ourselves of some of this year's best baking gems. 

Episode 1: When Peter got heavy-handed with the baking powder

IT manager, Peter was the first baker to be chopped from the series and we think we know why... He spooned a whole FIVE teaspoons of baking powder into his fruity cake in a frantic attempt to make his sponge rise. But unfortunately, after tasting his creation, Paul Hollywood told the 52-year-old the cake was 'burning his tongue'. 

Episode 2: When SteVen made an edible chess set

Although this wasn't the first time the 34-year-old wowed us with his serious baking skills (he scooped the Star Baker prize in week one for his bread showstopper) his chess set, made out of biscuit, was a sight to be marvelled at. 

The edible chess set was made out of coffee-flavoured gingerbread and came complete with a union jack-coloured spiced biscuit board. Oh, and it also contained 32, 3D chess pieces which came with a different fondant top and was actually sturdy enough to play chess with. Take a bow Steven, take. a. bow. 

Episode 3: When Yan introduced us to Basil the Vegetarian Dragon and his Pumpkin Hoard

Week 3 was bread week. Yan proved her worth and showed the judges, and the rest of the watching audience, just why she deserved a place on the hall of GBBO fame as she introduced us to her bread sculpture ‘Basil the Vegetarian Dragon with his Pumpkin Hoard’. We will forever be thankful to Yan for giving us this priceless TV moment. 

Episode 4: When Liam didn't know how to open his tongs

It must be pretty hard coming into the tent every week, baking under timed conditions and using equipment you're not used to. And Liam showed us just what pressure can do when the 20-year-old tried to move his Dutch caramel waffle with his tongs closed. Thankfully, Sandi stepped in to help him. We've all been there, Liam!

Episode 5: When Paul Hollywood went handshake mad

Old blue-eyes handed out three of his famous coveted handshakes after he congratulated Steven for his trifle, punched the air over Yan's dessert and said he was “well chuffed” at Stacey's signature steamed puds. It's only taken him 7 years and 5 episodes to warm up...

Episode 6: when we all cried with sandi

We all know that Bake Off can pull on the heart strings, but we didn't realise quite how much until Sandi shed a tear on annoucing Julia was the sixth contestant to leave. Her voice cracked with sadness, before she enveloped Julia in a rather tearful hug. We love you Sandi, we love you. 

Episode 7: When Noel Fielding stole the show in his pizza shirt

There aren't many things in life that can tear our attention away from Italian food, but Noel's pizza shirt was so fantastic that we couldn't take our eyes off it.

Episode 8: When Stacey broke the oven 

The drama went up a notch during forgotten bakes week, as Stacey somehow managed to actually break her oven door. There's no prize for guessing that she didn't quite manage to finish her Savoy cake in time. 

Episode 9: When unicorns were reincarnated 

Just when we thought unicorns couldn't be moulded into anything else, enter the choux-nicorn. Again, we have Stacey to thank for this moment after she made “chouxmojis” and “chouxnicorn” buns for her showstopper during patisserie week.