What week is it on The Great British Bake Off

Is it biscuits, bread or one of the whackier weeks?

What week is it on The Great British Bake Off

Series 10 of the Great British Bake Off is back on our screens on Tuesday nights, and we couldn't be happier. 

So far this series, we've seen David's fatless fruitcake and Jamie's salted caramel Schnauzer - but what awaits us this week? It's Biscuit Week of course!

Scroll on for our recap of last week's episode and what we hope to see in tonight's show… (Warning! Spoilers ahead!)

Week 1: cake week

Signature Bake

In the first show of the series, the baker's dozen donned their aprons and stepped up to the podiums in the coveted Bake Off tent. What awaited them in the signature challenge? Each baker had to make a fruit cake, with a "significant" amount of fruit in the batter.

Fashion designer Amelia's Christmas cake was a hit with the judges, but care worker Dan added more fruit to his Jamaican rum cake at the last moment, making the batter too dense and he struggled to cook it all the way through.

Our vegan parsnip, fruit and nut cake

Technical Challenge

In the technical challenge, the bakers had to make 12 identical angel cake slices, comprised of three layers of sponge and a feathered icing top. 

And while student Henry's perfectly light sponge fingers won a gold star from judges Paul and Prue, gap year waiter Jamie couldn't get the hang of the Genoese batter, resulting with flat pancake sponges and only two layers out of three. Oh dear.

The Showstopper

It all came down to the final showstoppers: each baker was asked to design the ultimate birthday cake they'd wished for as a child.

From HGV driver Phil's NASA-style rocket to geography teacher Alice's sweetshop and theatre manager Michael's impressive treasure chest to project manager Helena's fairy garden cake - the array of dream-worthy birthday cakes was awesome as the bakers showed off just what they could do.

Winners and losers

While Henry's top-notch Angel Slices put him in a good spot for Star Baker, his Secret Woodland Cake just wasn't chocolatey enough for the judges, and it was print shop administrator Michelle's Bara Brith fruitcake and her fairy house toadstool cake that snatched the title of Star Baker in week one.

And although Jamie's angel slices were more devilish than angel-like, it was Dan's raw fruitcake that sent him packing.

Week 2: biscuit week

Although judges Paul and Prue like to keep their tricks up their sleeves, from the trailer we can gather that the Signature has to be a biscuit completely covered in chocolate, so the bakers might try their hands at making Twix's or Tunnock's Teacakes.

Our milk chocolate teacakes

As for the Technical Challenge, the judges described it as "old school" while we saw a glimpse of what could possibly be a fig roll.

And as for the Showstopper, the bakers were tasked with the challenge of creating a large biscuit sculpture. But who will snap under pressure? We'll just have to tune in tonight to see which way the cookie crumbles...

The Great British Bake Off is on tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.