Half n half ASDA cake

The best things come in pairs!

And this cake is all the convincing we need…

The best things come in pairs!

Some things in life are just better in pairs. Hot chocolate and marshmallows, strawberries and cream, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jam… On their own they may be great, but as a pair they can be fantastic.

What could be better than a hot chocolate on a frosty evening? Easy. A s’mores hot chocolate; a hot nutella drink topped with melting marshmallows. In a nutshell, heaven in a mug.

As traditional teatime treats go, you just can’t go wrong with classic, lighter-than-air scones with strawberries and thick clotted cream. Delicious!

In search of something a little more savoury? Macaroni and cheese are the best food buddies and a combination that the kids will love. Give it a grown-up twist with tomato slices and a crunchy breadcrumb topping.

But have you heard of the more unusual food pairings that have made their way onto restaurant menus and family dinner tables? Like salted caramel or chocolate orange and pineapple pizza. There are some flavour-filled food combinations out there that will inspire you to experiment with your cooking. Strawberries and basil, for instance, are a refreshing and sophisticated combination – why not try baking these basil and strawberry cupcakes as an alternative to your regular weekend cake?

Another successful savoury pairing is meat with sweet but tangy fruits. From chicken with mango and lime, to pulled pork with caramelised apple, the fruits compliment the meats and give a sweet and sharp edge. Just try this chicken and pomegranate salad if you’re not convinced!

One particularly perfect pairing is our new Half n’Half chocolate cake; one half is lusciously light vanilla, the other half is deliciously dark chocolate. The vanilla sponge is encased in sweet buttercream, whilst the dark chocolate sponge is topped with irresistible chocolate buttercream. The chocolate duo is then topped with milk chocolate, white chocolate and other sweet decorations.

The white and dark chocolate duo offers the best of both worlds. Which flavour will you favour at your next celebration?

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