Halloumi is not just for summer

Seven brilliant halloumi recipes that the whole family will love

By Alexia Dellner, 03 February 2017
Halloumi is not just for summer

It’s a veggie staple at the summer BBQ but did you know that halloumi actually works beautifully throughout the year? This semi-hard cheese is so versatile that even in the midst of winter, it can happily sit nestled with some lentils in a warm salad, enjoyed with some leaves and chutney in a wholesome wrap, or even sitting on top of a hearty meat pizza. Tasty halloumi recipes aren't just for summer.

Known for its delicious umami flavour, this squeaky Greek-Cypriot cheese is a fabulous way to add interesting texture or simply jazz up your regular recipes

Known for its delicious umami (savoury) flavour, this squeaky Greek-Cypriot cheese is a fabulous way to bulk out dishes, add interesting texture or simply jazz up your regular recipes. 

For those unfamiliar with halloumi, it’s a bit like mozzarella but with a more robust texture that makes it ideal for heating up as it won’t turn into a gooey mess. And who doesn’t love a bit of warm cheese in winter? It's also a super easy ingredient to have on stand-by as it keeps in the fridge for weeks.

Are you ready to shake things up in the kitchen this season? Discover 7 halloumi recipes your whole family will love below. 


Roasted vegetable & halloumi pittas

The strong, salty favour of the cheese is a perfect match for the sweetness of the roasted vegetables in this veggie pittas recipe. The paprika adds a little extra kick, but you could just as easily use basil or thyme for a milder flavour, if you prefer.

Halloumi and eggs

Bulk out an omelette with a few thin slices of halloumi on top that will add nice texture and a lovely salty flavour. Serve with some salad and crusty bread for a satisfying main meal. You can also do the same with a delicious Spanish omelette.

Mushroom, lentil & halloumi warm salad

For a comforting dish that can be whipped up in just 15 minutes, try this warm halloumi and lentil salad. There's no need for a barbecue - simply griddle the halloumi until it's golden and crisp on the outside, and meltingly soft on the inside.

A veggie wrap

Jazz up lunchtime with a few slices of halloumi cheese, which make an excellent alternative to traditional sandwich meats. Serve hot in a wholewheat wrap with a few dollops of houmous - yum! 


Stuffed peppers

Jazz up stuffed peppers, stuffed tomatoes or stuffed courgettes by adding in a bit of halloumi into the mix. Most stuffed vegetables will use a bit of cheese in them already, so just replace what's in the recipe with halloumi and see if the family prefer it.

Halloumi burgers

Experiment with something a little different next time you're dishing up burgers. Add a slice of grilled halloumi on top of your cooked beef party and team with some sweet onion relish to balance out the saltiness. Alternatively, skip the meat all together and make a slice of thick grilled halloumi the focal point of your dish! 

Halloumi pizza

Shake up pizza night by topping yours with grated halloumi plus the usual mozzarella. You'll still get that lovely gooeyness from the mozzarella but the halloumi adds a lovely depth of flavour that pairs particularly well with olives and roasted tomatoes. 

Chickpeas with halloumi, spinach & tomato

Halloumi keeps in the fridge for weeks, which means it's ideal for when you need to throw together a quick supper, like this flavour-packed chickpeas dish made using store cupboard essentials. An exotic fusion of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flavours, this recipe's got a bit of a kick to it! 

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