6 summery halloumi recipes

Colourful, flavourful halloumi recipes for when the sun comes out

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6 summery halloumi recipes

The most delicious vegetarian staple, halloumi really has to be on your BBQ menu.

Known for its delicious slightly salty flavour and springy, dense texture, this semi-hard Greek-Cypriot cheese is a versatile and fabulous ingredient great for bulking out dishes, adding interesting texture and simply jazzing up your regular recipes.

For those unfamiliar with halloumi, it has a creamy taste and is naturally well-seasoned from the brining process. It is robust in texture with a high-melting point which stops it from collapsing into a gooey mess on the BBQ. It's also a super easy ingredient to have on stand-by as it keeps in the fridge for weeks - and, because it's pretty substantial for a cheese, it also makes a great meat alternative!

Are you ready to shake things up in the kitchen this season? Check out seven of our favourite summery and colourful halloumi recipes that your whole family will love below. 

Moroccan aubergine with halloumi

Halloumi tastes best when it's griddled, fried, or baked — just like in this baked aubergine with Harissa and halloumi.

While the aubergine breaks down and becomes juicy during baking, the cheese firms up and develops a creamy flavour to compliment the silky, spiced aubergine boats.

Mediterranean cous cous salad

Traditionally, halloumi is wrapped in mint leaves to preserve the cheese during the ageing process to keep it fresh. 

This North African cous cous salad pays homage to that tradition, incorporating chopped mint leaves, zingy pomegranate and lemon zest to amp up the freshness and bring out the sweet, creaminess in the cheese. Serve with toasted flatbreads and a cucumber and garlic yogurt for a delicious, nutritious feast.

Grilled halloumi with mango slaw & coconut tahini dressing

Sweet and salty is a match made in heaven. Just think cinema popcorn, salted caramel, and prosciutto and melon!

Madeleine Shaw’s grilled halloumi with mango slaw does just the same thing… Salty, lightly charred halloumi meets sweet and juicy mango, fiery red chilli and a creamy tahini and coconut milk dressing in this colourful salad bursting with a variety of textures thanks to the toasted cashews, raw carrot and slices of fennel.

Cheese, pea & mint frittata

This green and fresh frittata is bursting with springtime flavours like leeks, spinach and peas. A triple threat of cheeses (halloumi, feta and Parmesan) adds some gorgeous, mature depth that crisps up on the surface.

Cous cous & halloumi stuffed pointed peppers

Halloumi adds bags of substantial and filling oomph to these sweet, roasted red peppers. Replace the celery with spring onions if you’d rather, and serve with a fresh green salad and drizzle with a creamy tahini or houmous dressing for a colourful Middle Eastern-inspired meal.

Chickpeas with halloumi, spinach & tomato

Halloumi works in so much more than just salads and veggie burgers. This saucy stew bursting with chickpeas and spinach showcases halloumi in a new light. Thanks to its firm texture, halloumi stands out in this beautifully soft stew. Swap the bonfire rub for 2 tablespoons of our Moroccan seasoning for a beautiful tagine-style stew to serve alongside cous cous or cauliflower rice.

Feeling inspired to get griddling some halloumi for these tasty summer recipes? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at or pop into your local store.