You can now grow your own Prosecco at home

We’ll cheers to that!

You can now grow your own Prosecco at home

Prosecco - it’s the sparkling wine that’s taking the world by storm, and by the looks of things the hype over the Italian fizz is showing no sign of slowing down.

The tipple outsold Champagne for the first time in 2013 with 307 million bottles sold and the following year, in 2014, market researchers Kantar said shoppers spent £40.5m more on the stuff compared to Champagne.

And if that wasn’t enough, this year us Brits became the 'largest export market' for prosecco.

Now, thanks to unique gift company The Gluttonous Gardener, prosecco fans and green-fingered gardeners can cultivate their very own sparkling vino from the comfort of their own home (hooray!)

This means you don’t need to have your own vineyard, or even have your own garden for that matter, as with this kit you can grow your grapes in a pot or on your balcony.

The prosecco kit comes complete with personalised labels, instructions on how to look after your precious tipple, and a recipe on how to create your sparkling wine. According to the gift company, the grape variety has been ‘specially chosen’ for the ability to thrive in the British climate and the grape vines can vary in appearance depending on the time of year you order the kit. 

However, before you start forming an orderly queue for the magical creation, there is just one setback - the grapes take between 6 and 18 months to ferment. So it looks like you’ll have to wait a good year until you can taste the fruit of your labours!

For those in need of some prosecco now (or at least between now and the next six months) make sure you pop into your local Asda store or head online