A guide to quick and easy pickling

Create crunchy, tangy, no-hassle preserves from leftover veg and spices

A guide to quick and easy pickling

It's making a comeback. Pickling has long been a form of preserving foods into those winter months. It couldn't be easier and the experimentation is half the fun. A great way of using up any leftover veg and odds and ends, cutting down on food waste and saving money in the process. Win-win!

Grab your sterilised old jam jars (see below) and follow our easy steps to quick pickling, anyone can give it a go! They're a gamechanger to make mealtimes sing and add pops of colour to any dish.  Those filled pickle jars are also a great way of adding vibrance to any kitchen shelf – making it look like a chef's haven!

To sterilise jars:

 Preheat the oven to 140C/ 120C Fan/Gas 1. Wash the jars in hot, soapy water, then rinse well. Remove any rubber seals, then put in the oven on their side for 30 mins. 


Pickling made easy

Choose your spices, vinegar and veg, then follow these steps for perfect preserves every time: 

1. Toast a spoonful of dry spices in a pan for 2-3 mins until they release their aroma.

2. For the liquid, add equal amounts by volume of sugar and spice, water and a pinch of sea salt to the pan. Simmer for 2-3 mins until the salt and sugar dissolve.

3. Put your choice of chopped or sliced veg and flavourings in a sterilised jar. Pour over the pickling liquid and spices to cover the veg – top up with a splash of boiling water if needed.

4. Seal the jar with the lid, leave to cool fully, then refrigerate overnight before serving. Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Want to give it a go? Read on for a selection of delicious pickle packed recipes!


Pickled red onions

These punchy pickles are great with cheese and ham or Ploughman's lunch – click here for the recipe.


pickled radish & carrot with cumin

You will love these yummy pickles. Pair with grilled meat or fish for the ultimate Alfresco dinner - click here for the recipe. 


pickled cucumber & red onion with mustard seeds 

Top your smoked salmon and rye bread sandwich with this pickle and you're onto a winner! Click here for the recipe. 


veg pickle-lilli

A fresh take on the nation's favourite condiment – click here for the recipe.


Love pickles? Here's some recipe inspo to put your delicious pickles to the test!


Chicken and pomegranate skewers with pickled red onion salad

These tender kebabs are perfect served with warm flatbreads and this super quick red onion salad – adding a touch of punch and zing to your BBQ or grilled skewers.



Beetroot röstis with smoked salmon & cucumber pickle

The ultimate combination. Ideal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! These beetroot röstis are a delight to whip up and the quick cucumber pickle adds an extra oompf to round off the dish.



Curried chickpea wraps with paneer and pickled veg

A perfect lunch option, whether you're on the go or dining at home. Tangy pickle combines with chunky chickpeas and fried paneer cheese in these delicious wraps.



Goat’s cheese & butternut squash salad with pickled blackberries

Blackberries are a welcomed addition to this vibrant veggie salad, packed with fantastic summer flavours, colours and textures. 



Pork banh mi

A fab duo of crunchy pickled veg and pâté adds luxury to these delicious mini rolls. Ideal for a gourmet picnic or show off at your next BBQ!


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