Halloween sweets

Frightfully good sweet treats to spook trick or treaters this Halloween

Treat little guests at the door to these spookily good Halloween sweets!

Frightfully good sweet treats to spook trick or treaters this Halloween

Spook your guests this Hallows' Eve with these creepy cakes and sweet treats, perfect for trick or treaters and grown-up guests alike!

1. Smash cake 

Crack through this chocolate pumpkin smash cake to reveal a spooky stash of secret sweets. Just bang on top with a spoon to break the pumpkin shell and tuck in to a tasty chocolate sponge cake underneath. Genius!

2. Ghost pops

Snap up a big bag of assorted lollipops for trick or treaters. Cover them with a simple cloth, tie with a ribbon or rubber band and draw a ghoulish ghost face to make little ghosts!

3. No brainer

For the ultimate way to serve treats this Halloween, fill a large candy skull bowl with swizzles and squashies. Arrange a selection of sweets in this gruesome skull to look like a brain – then dare your guests to grab the goodies!

4. Boo cake

Try this terrifyingly tasty Boo sponge cake, packed with jam and buttercream and topped with a cloak of spook-ilicious icing that will give your guests a fright!

5. Jack'O Lantern tangerines

Draw ghastly faces on tangerines to sneak in a few healthy treats!

6. Spookilicious Halloween Cupcakes

Feast little eyes on this frightfully tasty bunch of cupcake sponges topped with freaky frosting.

7. Graveyard traybake

Bake up a chocolate ghostly graveyard with our graveyard traybake kit, which includes chocolate sticks, chocolate icing and deadly decorations.

8. Toffee Apples

Save yourself some hassle and get your toffee apples ready made. These bewitchingly crisp apples are bobbed in sweet toffee for a delicious bite. For a chocolatey twist, try chocolate flavoured candy apples, covered in a firework burst of sprinkles. We have indulgent chocolate orange flavoured candy apples and pink strawberry candy apples too! Find them in-store.

9. Smarties pumpkin

Trick little trick or treaters with this chocolate pumpkin filled with secret smarties!

10. White chocolate ghosts

Keep little sweet-tooths satisfied with these white chocolate Milky bar ghosts.