3 comforting broths to cosy up with this January

Packed with vibrant veg and fresh flavours, these broths will put a spring in your step

3 comforting broths to cosy up with this January

Say goodbye to the cold weather and hello to the new bowl food of the moment. Simple though it may sound, the humble broth deserves its place as the foodie trend of 2019 - or one of them at least.

Brimming with flavour, broth makes a deliciously warming meal in a bowl, and it's easy to make, too. Whip up a batch of basic chicken or veggie broth, then add your favourite combos of meat or seafood and veg, along with herbs and spices of your choosing.

Need some inspo? Here's how to get on trend this January...

Mussels in a turmeric and dill broth

Sweet and delicate seafood comes into its own when made into a warming stew or broth, like in this mussels recipe. Subtly spicy, earthy turmeric teams wonderfully with fragrant coconut in this seafood dish.

Salmon and pak choi miso ginger broth

These salmon noodles in a fragrant broth flavoured with zingy ginger and chilli are sure to add some colour into your grey January evening. Sweet sherry blends with savoury miso flavour to bring an Oriental twist to these succulent salmon chunks.

Hot and sour beef and noodle broth

Tender strips of steak and chunks of squash are teamed with fiery Thai spice and the sour and sharp flavours of lime in this warming bowlful. If you like spice, try topping with extra Tabasco or a little Sriracha for added fire.

Have our steaming broths got you craving a bowlful of goodness this January? Find everything you need to make these recipes at home online or pop into your local store.