Helen Mcginn’s festive fizz for new year’s eve

Get your New Year's Eve popping with our drinks expert's top picks!

Helen Mcginn’s festive fizz for new year’s eve

Our fabulous wine expert is back with all things fizz! What’s New Year’s Eve without popping a bottle or two..or three, to get the party started? There is something for everyone in this festive roundup, so whether you’re looking of something alcoholic or non-alcoholic, Helen has all bases covered!

‘We’ve got all fizzies here, we’ve got Cremants and Cavas, we’ve got Astis and even some non-alcoholic options as well.’

Read on to discover Helen's faves...


Fillipo Sansovino Prosecco

Price: on rollback From £7 to £6


The verdict: “Reassuringly frothy bubbles. On the palate, it’s got lovely pear fruits. The perfect party starter!”


Extra Special Prosecco

Price: On rollback from £8 to £7


The verdict: “The taste is really fresh, floral and light and it is just such a joy to drink this one.”


Casa Luis Cava

Price: £5.75


The verdict: “Now, what’s very different about Cava compared to Prosecco is it’s made in a different way and that gives it a completely different style, both the aromas and the flavours. Lots of lovely lemon fruit. It’s really fresh. Once the smoked salmon comes out, then reach for the Cava!”


Mas Miralda Cava

Price: on rollback from £9 to £7


The verdict: “The aromas and the flavours are slightly richer in style, but still with that lovely freshness.


Crémant De Loire

Price: on rollback from £9 to £8


The verdict:Crémant is the word that’s used to describe sparkling wine that’s made in the same way as Champagne but from regions in France other than Champagne. You get a real kind of lovely lifted aroma on this one. It’s back to that lovely lemon biscuit character.”


Henri Cachet Champagne

Price: on rollback from £13.50 to £9.97


The verdict:This is the real deal. This is also from Champagne, but it is a staggering £13.50! It’s got more red fruits on it, this one. I think that is great, great value and definitely going on my Christmas list!”


Extra Special Premier Cru

Price: on rollback from £21 to £17


The verdict: “On the nose, absolutely gorgeous. Really, really lovely soft lemon fruits.


Champagne Tattinger

Price: On rollback from £48 to £42


The verdict: “This is from one of the most famous houses in the region, Champagne Tattinger. It’s really, really lovely on the nose. There is some fantastic fruit on there, it’s so powerful and the flavour goes go on and on and on!


Extra Special Asti

Price: on rollback from £7 to £6


The verdict: “It’s so fresh and really floral!


Martini Asti Ice

Price: on rollback from £9 to £7.50


The verdict: “This has been made to pour over ice, which I’m sure will have some wine folk wrinkling their nose at the thought, but honestly, don’t knock it ‘til you try it. I can highly recommend this one.”



Helen says: “We’ve got some really fun and no alcohol options, because if you’re not drinking doesn’t mean to say you don’t want something lovely in your glass and these deliver exactly that.”

Freixenet 0.0% Rose

Price: on rollback from £5 to £4

The verdict: “This is their 0.0% alcohol-free sparkling. Red fruits and some citrus, really fresh and frothy, so obviously there’s no alcohol but you kind of don’t mind because there’s so much lovely fruit in there.



Price: £3.50


The verdict: “Next up we have Nosecco, this one’s a little more grapey in style compared with the last one. It’s really fun, it’s really fresh, and it means you just don’t feel like you’re missing out.”

Helen says: “Now, if I’d have to pick a favourite it would have to be, well, I’ve got two actually. The Fillipo Sansovino Prosecco, I love the bottle, I love the label but most importantly what’s inside is absolutely delicious. The other one is the expensive one, but it is absolutely gorgeous, It’s the Tattinger Vintage.”

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