5 hot toddies you can make in your slow cooker this Christmas

Cheers to a very merry Christmas indeed...

5 hot toddies you can make in your slow cooker this Christmas

Slow cookers really come into their own in the winter months. They're particularly handy if you want to serve some warming, adult-only, winter cocktails at your Christmas party. 

They're perfect for hot toddies that require a slow simmer, such as spicy hot ciders or classic mulled wines. Plus, they'll keep the drinks warm throughout the evening so guests can just help themselves, which, of course, means less hassle for you. 

Here are five ideas for spicing up your classic hot toddy that can be made - and left to simmer away - in the slow cooker. 

1. Classic hot toddy

A classic hot toddy combines whiskyhoney, lemon juice and choice of spices (cloves, cinnamon, star anise) with water. If you're not a fan of whisky, brandy or rum can be used instead.

Simply add the ingredients (quantities can be multiplied depending on the number of guests) to your slow cooker on a high heat and stir until combined and heated through. After 20-30 minutes, turn to the warming setting and serve with some grated nutmeg. 


2. Hot salted caramel apple cider 

This delicious recipe combines apple cider, salted caramel sauce, vanilla seeds and spices in the slow cooker, which are then simmered on a low setting over 2-3 hours. Then, pour into mugs, topping with whipped cream and caramel sauce if you're feeling extra decadent. 

3. Gluhwein

What is more festive than a hot mug of mulled wine - or Gluhwein (meaning 'glow-wine') as they call it in the Christmas markets around Europe? 

For this recipe, first combine the red wine with slices of oranges studded with cloves, cinnamon sticks and sugar in your slow cooker on a high heat. Simmer for 15 minutes, then turn to the warming setting before ladling into mugs when you're ready to taste. A cinnamon stick and orange slice can be added for a little festive flourish.


4. Hot buttered rum

This hot buttered rum is the drink we imagine JK Rowling was thinking of when she invented Butterbeer - rich, buttery and totally indulgent.

It combines butter and brown sugar with rum and spices. Simply mix all the ingredients in your slow cooker and leave to simmer for 2-3 hours, filling your house with delicious Christmas scents. 


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5. Cinnamon pumpkin toddy

This hot toddy recipe combines the best of autumn and winter. You just need to heat the maple syrup, cinnamon, pumpkin and water in the slow cooker for anywhere between 90 minutes and 4 hours (depending on the setting you choose), before stirring in the bourbon and serving. 

You will probably be the most popular host ever! 

Pick up the ingredients for your indulgent winter hot toddies online at or in-store. And, while all these recipes can also be made on the stove, if you've been inspired to try a slow cooker, check out George's range online.