Step-by-step: How to carve a turkey

Slice your bird like a pro

Step-by-step: How to carve a turkey

Anyone who's been assigned the task of carving the turkey on Christmas day will know how daunting the process can be. 

But with a few of our handy tips and tricks from our food assistant, Vanessa Graham, you'll be cutting your turkey like a pro come December 25. 

So once rested, sharpen your knife, pop your turkey on a sturdy chopping board and gather your hungry diners...


Step one

Start by removing the string from the rested turkey and position it to face away from you.

Step two 

Slice along where the leg meets the breast to open up the joint.

Step three

Press down against the leg with your fork so you can see where the thigh meets the body of the turkey. Carefully cut in between the joint to separate the whole leg.

Step four

Separate the thigh from the drumstick by carefully slicing in between the joint where the top of the drumstick meets the thigh.

Step five

Slice the meat off of the thigh bone and put both drumstick and thigh meat onto a platter. Cover with foil to keep warm.

Step six

Remove the wing from the turkey by cutting at the joint. Set aside for stock or to add to the gravy. 

Step seven

To remove the breast, face the turkey whichever way feels most comfortable to you and carefully slice along one side of the breastbone. Using a carving fork or your fingers, gently pull the breast away from the breastbone so you can cut down to the rib cage and lift the whole breast off.

Step eight

Carve by slicing across the breast to give the most tender slices of turkey. Thinner slices will make the meat go further. Arrange on your serving platter with the thigh meat and drumsticks, then bring to the table. 


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