Salmon en croute recipe

Learn how to cook fish perfectly every time

Healthy, delicious and super quick to cook, here’s how to serve it up this Easter

Learn how to cook fish perfectly every time

When it comes to the kitchen, for many people the idea of cooking the perfect fillet of fish is right up there with mastering a soufflé or dishing up a cracking coq au vin. But the truth is that cooking fish needn't be a chore. Armed with a few simple tips and easy recipes, learning how to cook fish with confidence is a piece of (fish) cake! 

From an elegant smoked fish starter to a show-stopping centrepiece, these flavourful fish recipes will seriously impress guests. Packed full of nutrients and healthy fats, dishing up a fish supper to friends and family won't just satisfy their taste buds but will keep their health in tip-top shape, too! Why not whip up one of these crowd-pleasing fish recipes for Easter this year? The beauty of cooking fish is that you'll spend less time in the kitchen (and more time with your guests) and still have plenty of room for pud afterwards. And with so many different types of fish and recipes to choose from, there's something for everyone. Learn how to cook fish confidently with these easy-to-master recipes. 

(Psst.... making a perfectly airy soufflé or the French classic coq au vin isn't too tricky either!). 

1. Cod & prosciutto bake

Think cooking fish requires a lot of fancy ingredients? Think again. This simple cod and prosciutto bake requires just three ingredients and can even be made with frozen cod loin instead of fresh. Serve with some oven-roasted tomatoes or beautiful roasted parsnip and carrot bundles

2. Fishcakes

If you're not sure if you can make a fish dish for grown-ups and kids then try these crispy fishcakes made with salmon and mashed potatoes. Children will love them and they're ideal for guests as you can prep the cakes beforehand and cook once they arrive. Serve with some fresh salad leaves for a smart starter, or chunky chips for the kids. 

3. Parcels of cod loin with tomato & red pepper sauce

Made with 100% line caught fish from Norway, these tasty cod parcels with tomato and red pepper sauce will look irresistible on your plate. Baking fish in foil is an easy way to ensure moist, flaky results every time. Serve with oven-cooked new potatoes, fresh veggies and lemon wedges. 

4. Luxury fish pie

If you can make a savoury meat pie or a sweet fruit pie, then you can absolutely make this luxurious fish pie. Smoked haddock, salmon, prawns and cod are combined with hard-boiled eggs, a smooth sauce, lemon and parsley before topped with creamy mash and Gruyere. It may sound complicated, but it's no harder than putting all the ingredients together in a dish! Heavenly. 

5. Salmon & quinoa spiced kedgeree

Looking for a satisfying brunch dish? Try this salmon and quinoa spiced kedgeree recipe that is sure to blow guests away. It's the perfect excuse to use up leftover salmon if you've got any but works equally well when cooked from scratch. 

6. Layered smoked fish pâté

Entertaining guests will be a cinch with this luxurious make-ahead layered smoked fish pâté recipe. Let the food processor do all the hard work and cover a loaf tin with cling film for easy removal. It really is that simple! 

7. Salmon en croûte

This beautiful salmon en croûte by celebrity chef Nick Nairn is a real show-stopper. Crunchy pastry, soft spinach and tender salmon combine in this mouth-wateringly delicious dish. Present it whole and then slice it up at the dinner table with a side of steamed vegetables. 

8. Lemon & honey sea bass

Nothing says that spring has arrived like getting out the barbecue! This lemon & honey sea bass recipe is marinated in lemon, soy sauce, honey and chilli for a zesty and tangy kick. Serve with grilled sweetcorn salsa and salad leaves. If you can't find sea bass, simply swap for trout or fresh mackerel. Simple! 

9. Lemon & parmesan cod with herby mash

This lemon and parmesan cod with herby mash looks seriously impressive but is actually dead easy to make. If you're short on time, use ready-made mashed potatoes and stir in chopped herbs or grated cheese. Serve with green beans or other crunchy veg. 

10. Baked fish with herbed crumb topping

Forget fish and chips! This baked fish with herbed crumb topping recipe is a healthier alternative and just as delicious. Made with frozen white fish fillets, you can get this flavour-packed dish on the table in just 20 minutes. Serve with new potatoes and sugar snap peas.