How to cook steak perfectly every time

Looking to spoil dad this Father's Day? Look no further than steak and chips

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How to cook steak perfectly every time

Looking to get into dad’s good books this Father’s Day? A perfectly cooked steak served with chips and plenty of sauce is bound to impress, and a sure-fire way to make him feel appreciated.

Sourced from 100% Aberdeen Angus cattle, our Extra Special steaks are dry-aged and matured for 30 days to make them even more succulent and flavoursome. The distinctive marbling gives the meat a delicious rich flavour and that melt-in-the-mouth taste when cooked.

Check out our steak tips below, from which cut to pick, to frying times and serving suggestions. This Father's Day staying in is the new going out.


Not sure which cut to go for? Look no further than our handy guide here...


Rich in flavour with gorgeous marbling of fat through the steak, ribeye (as the name suggests) is a cut taken from the centre of the ribs. It really comes into its own when paired with peppercorn sauce, punchy rocket salad and some chunky hand-cut chips. What more could you possibly want?


With the least fat of all our cuts, fillet is the most tender steak you can get. It suits more refined dishes and can stand up to big and bold sauces. Try serving with a creamy béarnaise sauce and some char-grilled asparagus or green leafy salad.  


Rump steaks come from the back of the cow, and are packed with delicious, meaty flavour. They're slightly less tender than steaks from the front of the animal so need a couple more minutes in the pan when cooking. Pat with kitchen paper before cooking for maximum caramelisation on the outside, helping you achieve those extra yummy crispy bits.


This delicious cut is found between the rib and the fillet. It has the perfect amount of fat for extra flavour. Sirloin tastes best when cooked quickly on a high heat to maintain tenderness and give it maximum flavour and charring. 

Perfect timing

For many people, one of the biggest worries when cooking steak is getting the timing right. But it doesn’t have to be complicated - it’s as easy as 1 2 3.

1. Decide how you want your steak to be cooked

If you’re grilling your steak, each side takes 4 minutes for rare, 5 minutes for medium-rare and 7 minutes for well done.

If you’re going to be pan-frying your steak, it won’t take quite as long: fry each side 3 minutes for rare, 4 minutes for medium-rare and 6-7 minutes for well done.

Make sure you're grill or pan is heated to high before you attempt to put the steak in. You want it scorchingly hot!

2. Check if your steak is done

You don't have to cut into your steak to check that it's done, you can tell just by touch - use each of your fingers in turn to press into the fleshy bit on the same hand where your thumb meets your palm. Pressing with your index finger produces the springiness of a rare steak, your middle finger recreates the firmness of a medium steak, and use your ring finger to see what a well-done steak feels like.

3. Don’t forget to let your steak rest for a couple of minutes after cooking

By doing this, you won't lose any of the delicious juices from the steak before you tuck in. Remember that your steak will probably keep cooking as it rests, so if you’re worried about it becoming overdone before it hits the plate, take 30 seconds to 1 minute off the cooking time.

Getting saucy

Amp up the wow-factor of your perfectly cooked steak with a delicious homemade sauce to really butter dad up...

Peppercorn sauce is creamy and luscious, and will help to season your steak. We've perfected our recipe here, which you can have on the table in just 15 minutes.

Loaded with sweet shallot, aniseedy tarragon and plenty of butter, béarnaise sauce is an absolute classic - and it doesn't have to be complicated either. If your sauce starts to split as it's thickening, just add a splash of hot water, keep whisking and it will return to its former glossy self.

Or, if you prefer something a bit punchier, this luscious red wine reduction is silky, savoury and sumptuous. 

Suddenly fancying steak for dinner tonight? (Hmm, wonder why...) Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.