How to cook your Christmas Day centrepiece

Turkey, beef, salmon...what are you cooking?

How to cook your Christmas Day centrepiece

Turkey, ham, beef, salmon – what’s your Christmas Day centrepiece of choice? If you haven’t planned your main meal for the 25th yet, don’t fret – there is still plenty of time to create an incredible festive feast.

We’ve put together a few easy tips, simple serving suggestions and elegant recipe ideas for Christmas lunch, so there's no need to trawl through hundreds of recipe books.


The Christmas classic, and still the most popular meat for the big day – terrific turkey!

Cook it: Our lemon and lime turkey with smoked bacon ticks all the boxes for a perfect classic turkey dinner. With flavours of cinnamon, maple and citrus, and with bacon latticed on top, there certainly won't be any dry turkeys at your Christmas table.

If you want to save time: You can pick up this turkey breast joint, which cooks in just over an hour, so you can spend more time with your guests.

Turkey cooking tip: This website calculates cooking time for your turkey based on its weight, and can also tell you what size bird to buy for your number of guests.



You can make a mean gravy with a lovely piece of beef!

Cook it: This amazing joint of beef is simply cooked, and served with a delicious fruity blackberry gravy. Serve with our delicious pork, black pudding and berry stuffing balls.

If you want to save time: Pick up our Extra Special Rump Heart Mushroom Duxelle With Truffle. You just need to pop this in the oven and wait for our flavours of mushroom and streaky bacon to work their magic.

Beef cooking tip: Make sure beef is at room temperature before cooking, and always leave it to rest for at least 15 minutes before serving.



Salmon is perfect for pescetarians and its meaty texture will appeal to the more carnivorous, too.

Cook it: This whole salmon with hollandaise sauce is really easy to prepare and packs a flavour punch with zesty oranges and dill.

If you want to save time: If you don’t want a whole salmon, you can just cook salmon fillets individually and serve with a nice hollandaise sauce that's been prepped for you!

Salmon cooking tip: You can check that a whole salmon is cooked by inserting a skewer just behind the head and making sure it’s warm when taken out.

Salmon is also perfect for starters and breakfasts - try making our half side of beetroot and gin-cured salmon with prosecco mustard. It serves 16 so will do perfectly for a few days.



Ham is a popular Boxing Day main, but why wait?

Cook it: You can prepare our clementine glazed ham ahead of time and bring out when you need it, or serve hot with those delicious zesty juices. The flavours of Seville orange marmalade, Dijon mustard and cloves all come together to create a delicious festive feast that everyone will love.

If you want to save time: Pick up our Extra Special Orange Topside Gammon Joint in store and nobody will ever know you didn’t do it yourself…

Ham cooking tip: Ham makes the BEST leftovers so make sure you cook too much and you’ll have some for sandwiches, pies and curries in the days to follow.


If that's not enough, find more delicious festive desserts and party food online at or at your local Asda store