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Flavours of the world: A Mexican fiesta feast

From burritos to tacos and tequila, this is how to party Mexican-style

Flavours of the world: A Mexican fiesta feast

From burritos filled to bursting, with rice, spicy beans, creamy avocado and cooling sour cream, to slow cooked pulled meats deeply infused with chilli and delicious punchy tequila cocktails blended with zingy limes. This is proper Mexican cuisine.

Tempted to create a colourful feast this weekend? Pop in store and explore our new Mexican range. From tacos kits to quesadillas and all the toppings, you’ll be ready to party Mexican style in no time.

So invite your friends round, lay the table outside with eye-catching decorations, put on some music and get the party started.

To bring a flavour fiesta home just add Asda. Here’s how…


Tempting tacos

Tacos are enjoying a bit of a food renaissance at the moment and we are more than happy to get involved with the taco trend. You can pick up our new taco kits which are all ready for filling with whatever you fancy. In this drool-inducing shot we’ve marinated juicy king prawns and paired them with crunchy cabbage, and don’t forget a squeeze of lime to make all those flavours pop! If you’re not a prawn lover, tacos can house just about any filling from a slow cooked pulled beef, to veggie smoky beans or even chargrilled chicken. Just don’t overfill them or you’ll have a bit of a situation on your hands.


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The new-school burrito

Burrito purists look away now. We’ve gone rogue, deconstructed the easy to eat burrito and opened it up. But it’s all for the greater good because this means you can enjoy more filling! Check out our Mexican BBQ pulled pork taco.

The toasted and crunchy wrap is filled with BBQ pulled pork in a smoky tomato and chipotle chilli sauce. And it doesn’t stop there as we know that a proper Mexican feast is all about layering – we’ve added grilled mixed peppers, red kidney beans and a mature cheese mix. The perfect combination of crunch, smokiness, sweetness and tang.


Quesadillas, nachos and everything else topped with cheese

Where would Mexican cuisine be without a good grating of mature cheese. From nachos to melting quesadillas, our new range has all the cheese favourites.

Our team of expert nachos eaters had a lightbulb moment when they came up with the idea for these tortilla chips. They are round for maximum scoopage! And definitely nacho average tortilla chips! Pile them high with grated cheese, zingy tomato salsa, a generous dollop of guacamole and if you’re feeling brave, a few rounds of fresh chilli… And if there's just a few of you, then why not avoid waste by picking up our new nachos kit.

Kids will absolutely love quesadillas and they're super easy to make with our quesadilla kit. Pick your choice of filling (we’d recommend chicken for your little ones), prep and put in the oven until that cheese is all melted through. When you cut it in half and pull those slices of crispy tortilla apart, the cheese will be perfectly oozing. Don’t wait for it to get cold!

With Mexican, it’s all about the sides…

Where would a Mexican feast be without a whole table of sides to layer up your feast. Smoky flavours are just screaming out for cooling sour cream and creamy avocado or guacamole. Have you ever tried grilling your avocado? Trust us, you should try it as it makes the texture even more creamy and delicious.

Then you’ll need a big bowl of cheese because you’d have to be mad not to have a sprinkle of strong tangy Cheddar on top of your taco.

Salsa is the perfect partner for dipping tortilla chips into and would be a crime against cooking if it wasn’t included in a big dish of nachos.

Our limited edition Padron peppers are a new winner to enjoy as nibbles before the main event comes out, so make sure you get them while you can! If you haven’t tried them before, they are mild, miniature peppers that are charred then sprinkled with coarse sea salt and eaten with an aperitif. Serve them in little bowls and your guests will be asking for more!

But our favourite side, and one you might not have thought of before is pickled red onion. It’s so easy to make, simply take a very thinly sliced red onion, pop in a jar with sugar, salt and vinegar dissolved in boiling water and in a few hours you’ll have super soft pickled red onions which would add a pop of zing and acidity to any Mexican dish. We especially like them in a burrito.

Tipples and tequila

What Mexican party would be complete without some delicious drinks! We have Mexico to thank for tequila (and margaritas), Corona and Desperados so make sure you stock up!

But we think a spicy, smoky Mexican feast calls for drinks that can cool your palette and offer a bit of sweetness. Fruit juices and refreshing coconut water would be just the ticket. And if you want to go the extra mile, why not whip up a pitcher of this carnival punch cooler made with orange, mango, grapefruit and mint.

Set your Mexican party scene

Finally, don’t forget to get your garden and house looking like a real Mexican party with loads of colour and decorations.

Hang up a piñata in the garden for your guests to play with when all the food has finally run out. And when it comes to laying the table, make sure you get a bright-coloured table cloth to add a pop of colour. Then these cute pineapple shaped glasses are ideal for serving fruity punch in and you just have to serve your tortilla chips in this Mexican themed serving bowl

Explore our entire Flavours of the world Mexican range online, or pop into your local Asda store