Vegetarian bbq

How to create an amazing vegetarian BBQ

Vegetarians needn't feel left out come BBQ season - there are loads of ways to enjoy tasty meat alternatives

How to create an amazing vegetarian BBQ

Make your veggie options the star of the show at your next BBQ.

A flavoursome alternative to boiling or steaming, vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes are delicious cooked on the grill and make for a deceptively filling al fresco feast when accompanied by bubbling cheese, filling pulses and hearty salads. 

We've rounded up a few different ways you can enjoy a veggie BBQ this year where meat won't be missed.

Find good meat substitutes

If you're forgoing meat completely, you'll want to find a suitable replacement that cooks well on a grill and you can slather in all your favourite toppings.

Homemade bean burgers are simple, filling and take well to classic burger toppings like pickles, mustard and ketchup. There's also our beetroot and quinoa burgers flavoured with paprika and cumin that make a tasty way to add some colour to your BBQ spread.

Or, if you're in need of a quicker option, our range of vegan sausages and burgers can be finished off on the grill and come in a variety of flavours!


Marinate your veggies

Marinating veg is a great way to give basic produce some serious, complex flavours.

Food stylist and writer, Cate Dixon says: "Try and use veg that absorbs flavour really well so you can use a marinade and also enjoy the smoky flavours of the BBQ. Aubergines, courgettes and cauliflower are all good for this. Cut them in half lengthways, drizzle with a little oil or marinade of your choice.

"Aubergine goes particularly well with Asian flavours. Try combining miso dressing with sesame seeds, ginger and a bit of lime juice.

"Cauliflower can take spicier flavours like chilli flakes, cumin, sumac, lemon and olive oil. Whereas the more delicate courgette goes nicely with a classic honey and mustard marinade." 

Our crispy cauliflower steaks thrive on the BBQ thanks to their ras el hanout and lemon rub. Chuck them on the grill for 8 minutes each side for the perfect steak. Who needs meat anyway?

If you like it put a stick on it

Possibly the easiest veggie BBQ option. The kebab.

You could pop absolutely anything on a skewer and give it a blast on the BBQ for an amazing charred flavour (think veg, cheese, olives - even hunks of bread) but we really love these Moroccan-style vegetable kebabs made with hearty aubergine and peppers, accompanied by a tangy mint yogurt dip.

Shredded veg

You don't have to slow cook a huge hunk of meat to jump on the 'pulled' food trend. Shredded veg makes a great alternative, while helping you reach your 5-a-day at the same time.

These pulled mushroom hotdogs are made by marinating mushrooms in Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, vinegar, sugar, chipotle paste, paprika and cumin to give them some fantastic, deep flavours. Serve the saucy mix on brioche buns charred over the grill for a super satisfying veggie main course.

And these pulled carrot burgers are also saucy and satisfying. Spiralised carrots are combined with smoky, spicy flavours for the perfect veggie BBQ option.

Embrace the salad 

Delicious, wholesome and filling - don't underestimate the simple salad. Adding crumbled feta and chickpeas to this aubergine dish transforms it from a basic side to a lavish centrepiece.

Cous cous salads can be colourful and go beautifully with dried fruits like sultanas and pomegranate seeds. A classic bulgur wheat tabbouleh is a great accompaniment for grilled halloumi, or, if you want to avoid carbs, try this cauliflower version

And don't forget pasta salads - our Mediterranean penne salad with balsamic dressing can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge until you're ready to serve to take some of the pressure off.

Don't forget nibbles

A few trusty dips will make everything go further at a backyard BBQ.

Easy to make in large quantities, it's worth having a few bowls of houmous or this beetroot dip hanging around along with a basket of pitta bread slices. This butternut squash houmous looks gorgeous when served with griddled crudités, but it's our smoky baba ganoush that's the real star of the show. Keep the aubergine pulp chunky for a really satisfying texture, and scatter with pomegranate seeds for some lovely colour and crunch.

Grill a... pizza?

If you've invested in a swanky BBQ with a hood, why not get your money's worth by using it as a pizza oven. This courgette pizza bianco would work well alongside a full BBQ spread. Slice it up and serve it as a side dish or a starter.

Keen to bust out the BBQ? Make sure you stock up on what you need, in your local Asda or online.