Flavours of the world: Adventure to the Mediterranean

Create the ultimate sharing boards with our new Mediterranean range

Flavours of the world: Adventure to the Mediterranean

Hold on to the fresh, vibrant flavours and colours of the Mediterranean this summer by creating your own antipasti board at home.

Asda's new Mediterranean range combines flavours and iconic nibbles from sunny Spain, Greece and its islands as well as Italy, so you can feast on platters of melt-in-the-mouth charcuterie, crumbly continental cheeses, smoky chicken skewers and perfect pastry empanadas.

So invite your friends round, head outside, make a round of bubbly Aperol Spritz's and tuck into perfectly balanced platters of cheese, olives, pastries, dips and nibbles to keep you going all afternoon.

All you'll have to do is arrange it on a platter and pray for sunshine! Here's how to turn your table into an alfresco feast...

Amazing meats and cheeses

An authentic Mediterranean platter would simply not be complete without thinly sliced melting charcuterie and crumbly hard cheeses.

Spicy chorizo and thin slices of dry-cured serrano ham pair perfectly with sweet, nutty Spanish manchego (just imagine a mouthful of cheese and ham right now). And tangy crumbly Parmesan is ideal shaved over a bitter rocket salad, or simply eaten as chunks on its own... 

Layer your board with Spanish Salami Coins (pictured above and centre), which come with Provolone cheese - perfect for adding some piquancy to the feast. 

If you're travelling for a picnic in the park, a sharing platter would be ideal; try our Italian sharing platter which includes slices of Prosciutto ham. Or pick up a continental platter which comes with olives, chorizo, salami and Habas Fritas (fried beans). Yum! And chicken fans will love these Smoky Chicken Skewers and zingy Lime, Garlic and Herb Chicken Skewers (pictured below).

Sunkissed vegetables

Chargrilled or blistered veg, marinated and drizzled in oil can add a delicious vibrancy and sweetness to your platter. Plus with tangy cheeses and salty meats you'll need something to balance out the very savoury flavours.

Pop some semi dried tomatoes and pesto into a small bowl and dish out some chargrilled vegetable antipasti - which comes with chargrilled artichokes, red peppers and tasty toms. Add a bit of sweetness to the selection with some cream cheese stuffed peppers (pictured below). Oh, and don't forget a helping of some wonderfully rich and juicy Nocellara olives. Perfection!

Punchy pastries

The perfect antipasti board wouldn't be complete without some buttery pastries.

These manchego, red pepper and olive empanadas (pictured below) and red pepper and feta parcels are the perfect finger foods to add to your board. Asda's Innovation Chef Mark Richmond explains that the empanada is the perfect picnic food, "believe it or not, these Spanish-style Mexican empanadas are made for travelling and eating with your hands. The light, continental flavours make a great little addition to your picnic basket.”

There's also chicken and chorizo bites which are flavoured with red peppers and a pinch of punchy paprika - they'll have you thinking you're in Spain in no time. 

Delicious flavour-packed dips

Like the sound of a tomato dip with sweetcorn, peppers, onion and smoky chilli purée? Then try our Rainbow Salsa. And for any garlic lovers, try dipping your food into this Roast Garlic Aioli. Also be sure to stock up some carrot sticks so you and your guests can dunk them in some Red Pepper Houmous (pictured below).

Colourful salads

Try making this colourful Greek-style salad which mixes tangy feta cheese with sweet tomatoes. Or try whipping together this tangy tomato and avocado salad (pictured below) which is a fiesta of flavours. 

6. Authentic breads

And no platter would be complete without some delicious breads which can be topped with meats and cheeses, dipped into proper olive oil and balsamic vinegar and just ripped apart to enjoy on their own.

Heat through our Sunblush Tomato & Mozzarella Flatbreads, then cut into bitesize slices which you can place on the sides or edges of your board. Or choose a Ciabatta, which tastes incredible grilled and topped with fresh tomatoes to make bruschetta, and don't forget the Kalamata Olive & Rosemary Focaccia which gives you a truly indulgent slice of the continent.

7. Fruity drinks

Lastly, but by no means least, you'll need a tipple to take you back to warmer, sunnier climates. Enter, this ready-made Spanish sangria. If you want to give it that homemade feel, pour it into a glass jug filled with ice and cut up some oranges, apples and pineapple. Enjoy!


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