Mexican food

How to create the ultimate Mexican feast at home

From tacos to fajitas and salsa

How to create the ultimate Mexican feast at home

2017 is the (unofficial) year of the taco. For years, the tasty Mexican dish lived in the shadows of the brilliant beef burrito and the much-loved family favourite, the fiesty fajita, but now these a-maize-ing corn tortillas seem to have taken over. 

"It’s no surprise that Mexican food is the trend of the moment thanks to its colourful and fresh ingredients"

Fill them with chicken, top them with peppers and don't forget lashings of salsa - you're sure to enjoy every mouthful as you bite into the crisp outer shell. Just try to not spill the contents everywhere. 

Food writer, Cate Dixon said: "It’s no surprise that Mexican food is the trend of the moment thanks to its colourful, fresh ingredients, delicious smoky flavours and quick cooking times. It’s often served as a variety of sharing plates so everyone can tuck in, making it sociable and fun whilst keeping the palate interested."

If you want quick and easy food you can't beat Mexican cuisine so we've compiled some recipes to help you create the ultimate Mexican feast. 

Whip up some Nachos

Our beef nachos have a touch of spice but aren't too hot, making them the perfect sharing dish for all the family. Offer extra jalapenos or chopped fresh chillies for those who like their food with some heat! Or for those that prefer no meat, try our spicy bean nachos. Stock up on some tortilla chips here to make the perfect starter. 

Time for tacos

You can make the chilli mince for this Mexican dish several days ahead and keep it in the fridge. Or if you're cooking for vegetarians try using some Quorn mince and red beans. For those who'd rather buy a kit which has everything you need, make sure you stock up on Old El Paso's crunchy taco shells

Flavour up some fajitas

Fajitas always go down well when you've got a crowd. The kids will love topping their own fajitas with some guacamole and sour cream dips. We've got a range of recipes to try - from smoky chicken fajitas, quick and easy smoky bean fajitas and Miguel Barclay’s chicken fajitas. Or if you'd rather buy a prepared seasoning kit, try these smoky fajita kits

Mexican baked corn

Corn on the cob can help to add some colour to your dish. They're perfect for little hands and everyone will fall in love with this Mexican street-food classic

Stockpile the salsas

Having a Mexican feast without any dips is like having a Sunday roast without gravy - they are essential. Try your hand at making your own dip with our soured cream, avocado & chilli salsa. Or for those who are running short of time, grab some guacamole salsa and sour cream here

Raise a toast

Make sure you wash your homemade feast down with a proper Mexican drink. Our turmeric and honey margarita is the perfect tipple to serve up to guests. Or if you want to save time, grab a box of Sol - the original Mexican lager. It's light, refreshing and has a fruity-lemony flavour. Yum!

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