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How to do a low-ho-ho alcohol Christmas

No alcohol doesn't have to mean no fun. If you're throwing a Christmas party, accommodate non-drinkers with tasty alternatives

How to do a low-ho-ho alcohol Christmas

Popping the cork on a crisp bottle of Champagne or indulging in sweet and spicy mulled wine generally enhances our Christmas celebrations.

However, almost 30% of British adults (jumping to 50% for millennials) are aiming to drink less this festive season, driving a noticeable trend for low (or no) alcohol Christmastime beverages.

Helpfully, there are now so many tasty non-alcoholic drinks available that you or your guests can partake in all the jollity minus the hangover. If you're thinking of hosting this year, give non-alcoholic alternatives some thought to ensure that those with dietary requirements and preferences have a full glass of something other than tap water.

Blogger Becky O’Leary ('Will We Ever Eat Out Again?') is wife to Crohn's Disease sufferer Chris. She has shared some helpful tips on shaking things up this season when it comes to providing non-alcoholic drinks perfect for parties...

Be prepared

Before buying all your booze, ask guests what they might like to drink, and then make your low/no alcohol selection as impressive as possible, just so there aren’t any dry glasses in the house. 

Celebrate with sparkling

Christmas is all about celebrating, which is even more important as we head toward the new year. So, make sure you stock-up on low/no alcohol fizz (it looks the same as Prosecco or Champagne), that way you can top-up everybody’s glass with bubbles before toasts (plus, toasting with water is bad luck!).

Devil in the detail

If serving or cooking food, make sure to steer-clear of using alcohol. Whilst it often burns off, it can still wreak havoc on those that require an alcohol-free diet. Big watch outs are things like Christmas cake or pudding, trifle, pâté and chocolates. 

You can find a remarkably broad non-alcoholic drink selection in the supermarkets now, from low/no-alchol beers to fizz and wines. If you fancy something refreshing, mix up a batch of mocktails (those drinking can simply spike theirs with a little rum, vodka or gin). You could also make a super-seasonal mulled juice, a fantastic wine-replacement.

For more ideas on throwing an inclusive Christmas, see our online guide.