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5 hacks to keep your drink cool this summer

There's nothing worse than sipping on warm wine...

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5 hacks to keep your drink cool this summer

Whether you’re pouring a glass of sparkling rosé, sipping on sauvignon blanc or enjoying some fizzy prosecco, in the heat of summer these drinks are most definitely best served cold. 

And although the warm summer weather is very welcome - it proves a near impossible task keeping your tipple chilled in the heat without adding ice cubes.

According to Wineware, the perfect temperature to drink white wine is between 8˚C to 12˚C, while Champagne and dessert wine is best kept at 5˚C to 7˚C. And for red wine, 12˚C to 18˚C is the optimum temperature.

To help keep your drink cool this summer, we've rounded up some handy hacks.  

1. Add some frozen grapes

Perfect for snacking on when you've finished your drink, a small handful of frozen grapes will ensure you can enjoy a lovely cold glass of vino, whatever the weather! 

2. Create flavoured ice cubes

Not a fan of watered down drinks? Us neither. Which is why creating flavoured cubes is the perfect alternative.

3. Create frozen fruit skewers

They look great, taste even better and handily, they keep your drink chilled. Choose from raspberries, strawberries or peaches and place them onto wooden skewers. 

4. Add a popsicle into your prosecco

Have your booze and eat it too with this rather indulgent idea. 

5. Create your own wine chiller

If you're struggling to keep the whole bottle cold this summer then why not create your own wine cooler? Add some colourful decorations to a wine cooler, place the bottle inside, add some water then freeze your creation.

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