6 alternative ways to keep your drinks cool

There's nothing worse than sipping on warm wine...

6 alternative ways to keep your drinks cool

White wine, rosé, prosecco, Champagne and cava. These tasty tipples all have one major thing in common – they're best served perfectly chilled. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that they must be served chilled – that's a non-negotiable. 

Whether or not you own a chest freezer, ice bucket or cooler, where there's a will, there's a way to keep those drinks cool, minus the industrial-sized bags of ice.

Just employ one of these simple hacks, for the ultimate hot weather refreshment...

1. Add some frozen grapes

Perfect for snacking on when you've finished your drink, a small handful of frozen grapes will ensure you can enjoy a lovely cold glass of vino, whatever the weather! 

2. Freeze some watermelon

Watermelon is perfect for freezing. Not only does is make the prettiest ice cubes, but you couldn't find a more refreshing addition to your drink. Freeze it diced up small, in cubes, slivers or wedges – whatever you prefer. Add to rosé, lemonade, sparkling wine or plain water for instant refreshment.

3. Chill your glasses 

Keep your wine glasses in the fridge for 3-4 hours before pouring a drink (or, space allowing, pop them in the freezer for 1-2 hours). 

3. Create flavoured ice cubes

Not a fan of watered down drinks? We're not, either - which is why creating flavoured cubes is the perfect alternative. Frozen lemonade cubes will add a zingy twist to white wine, or freeze orange juice to add to prosecco, for a cool (literally) spin on Buck's Fizz.

4. Create frozen fruit skewers

They look great, taste even better and handily, they keep your drink chilled. Choose from raspberries, strawberries or peaches and place them onto wooden skewers. Freeze, and then add to your drink of choice.

5. Add a popsicle into your prosecco

Have your booze and eat it too with this rather indulgent idea. When sweltering weather strikes, what could be better than enjoying an ice lolly with your drink?

6. fill your freezer with water balloons

Here's a novel idea – instead of ice cubes, pad out your freezer (or ice bucket) with frozen water balloons. Squeeze your bottles of wine or beer in and around them and they'll be chilled in no time. You can even cool yourself down with a water balloon fight after they've defrosted!

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