How to love your Christmas leftovers

Don't let your Christmas feast go to waste – everything tastes better the day after, anyway

How to love your Christmas leftovers

There might be a lot of bits kicking about at the back of the fridge, but showing them some love and turning them into exciting meals is easier than you think. Christmas is the time for filling the cupboards and over-indulging, but almost without exception there will be a substantial amount of food leftover. Say no to waste, and make these uneaten bits of food work for you this year, starting with these six leftover-inspired recipes.


A French-inspired open pie filled with leftover roast veg, herby stuffing and gooey melted cheese is perfect winter comfort food. Leftover meat always gets the kudos, but this simple pie is crowned with all the roasted veg that often just sees the bin. In fact, pretty much any part of your Christmas meal that is still hanging around can fill this delicious pie.


bubble and squeak 

This is a great quick dish for Boxing Day. Leftover spuds, sprouts and cranberry sauce can be fried up and served in under 20 minutes! Serve with a poached egg on top, or with any leftover meats you have in the fridge. Delicious.


Don’t let those little piggies get away – they’ll be the star of this simple pasta dish. You probably won’t see another pig in blanket for the best part of a year, so make the most of them now. This creamy, pasta favourite, dotted with sausages wrapped in bacon is an inspired way to use up your Christmas piglets.



Wrap your leftover turkey, mash and roast parsnips up in a slice of Parma ham and serve with a splash of madeira gravy for a sophisticated leftover dinner. These tasty patties are an ideal way to use up your leftover bird and veg. All wrapped up in a tasty slice of Parma ham, they’ll take your leftover Boxing Day cold cuts to a whole other level. Mmmm.


gammon mac and cheese

The most iconic comfort food of all - the mac and cheese! This dish has been upgraded, with leftover gammon, parsnip purée and herby croutons - maximum deliciousness. 


Forget straight-forward turkey sarnies, this toastie uses up the best of the leftovers. When you’re a bit peckish, toast up a seriously special sandwich, layered with leftover ham, brie, veg and cranberry sauce. For best results, serve with five minutes of peace and quiet!



The spicy, fruity flavour of your crumbled leftover Christmas pud topping a classic, indulgent brownie makes a super seasonal sweet treat. Chocolate brownies will forever be a crowd pleaser but crumbling on your leftover Christmas pudding gives the sweet treat a really festive feel. Plus, you don’t have to feel guilty about the pudding going uneaten.



A creamy, classic bread and butter pudding but with a sophisticated seasonal twist. Using up strips of Christmas panettone couldn’t be easier this year. Layered and baked with blueberries, cherries and a creamy egg mix this take on a classic bread and butter pudding makes a comforting winter dessert.


Find everything you need to create delicious Christmas leftover recipes online or pop into your local store.