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How to make easy-bake Frankencakes

Ready-to-use cake mix and frosting make these monster treats so easy

How to make easy-bake Frankencakes

Whip up a spooktacularly easy treat in minutes with these Frankenstein-inspired cupcakes! 

Using ready-to-scoop cake mixture, these little green monsters are the perfect quick bake this Halloween. And look how cute they are... whoops, we mean scary! 

what you'll need



  1. Spoon Asda Scoop & Bake Chocolate Flavoured Cake Mix into 15 cupcake cases. Bake according to the pack instructions. Allow to cool.
  2. Stir a few drops of food colouring into a tub of Asda Vanilla Flavour Frosting until you get an even bright-green colour.
  3. Dollop frosting on each cake. Shape into the flat head of Frankenstein’s Monster with a blunt knife.
  4. Scatter Asda Ice Cream Choc Sprinkles onto a small plate. Dip the top of each to form the monster’s ‘hair’.
  5. For each cake, use Cake Décor Edible Eyes and the black icing from an Asda Coloured Writing Icing pack to create a face.
  6. To finish off your monster, push ½ a Cadbury Finger into the frosting on each side for neck-bolts.


Fancy giving it a go? Head online ot to your local store to grab the ingredients!