How to make the perfect pizza

Because National Pizza Day deserves nothing less

How to make the perfect pizza

Pizza's one of those meals that seems complicated to make, but once you know how, it's quite simple. 

In the name of National Pizza Day, why not swap your takeaway menus for the kitchen and try your hand at kneading together a pizza base or two. We've rounded up the key steps to making the perfect pizza and the recipes you need to help you get it right first time around.

It could be a fun opportunity to get the kids cooking with you – helping knead the dough and topping the pizzas.

Step One: Nail your base

Perhaps the trickiest bit of the pizza-making process is getting the base just right. But with our simple recipes, you'll be cooking up restaurant-style pizza in no time. For a classic base, this margherita pizza has got you covered. It's not too time-consuming making pizza dough, but it is worth taking it slowly. You will also need to factor in time for it to rise when you're planning your dinner. All you need to make it though is flour, yeast, sugar, water and oil.

For a twist on your pizza dough, you could try making a sourdough base. There is no kneading involved, making it a speedy dinner option (just make sure your sourdough starter is good to go a couple of days before).

If you or someone you're cooking for can't eat gluten, you can still make a traditional pizza base. Follow this masterclass for a step-by-step guide to the perfect dough that everyone can tuck into.

And if you are feeling like trying something a little different, you could make a cauliflower crust like in this prosciutto and mozzarella pizza. It's gluten-free too and is cleverly made from cauliflower rice!


Step two: Perfect your Sauce

The key question here is tomato or tomat-oh-no! If you like a traditional tomato sauce, try the recipe in this king prawn pizza. All you have to do to make it is pop tomatoes, garlic and herbs in a large pan, and then season with black pepper. Once it has simmered for 10 mins, it should be thickened and ready to spread onto your pizza base.

If tomato isn't for you, or you'd like to try something a little different, a bianco – or white – topping could be a good way to go. This beetroot and feta pizza uses crème fraîche for a tasty alternative.  


Step three: Time for your topping

This is the bit where things get fun. If you're cooking for children, why not encourage them to join in, picking their fave toppings and piling them high on the pizza before popping it in the oven. 

We love this sausage florentine pizza with a runny egg and this Korean bbq chicken pizza for a topping with a kick. If you're after a veggie topping then try roasted vegetables for a flavour-packed dinner!

When it comes to toppings though, really there's no right or wrong option, so let your loved ones pick-and-mix to make the perfect pizza for them!

Head to your local Asda store or online to stock up on all the ingredients you'll need to plan the perfect pizza party.