How to make the ultimate sandwich

Make sure you get the anatomy of your sarnie right this National Sandwich Day

How to make the ultimate sandwich

From wraps and baguettes to pittas and clubs, no matter how you roll, layer up the loveliness for National Sandwich Day.

Sarnies are very personal things. Everyone has likes and dislikes but there are a few things to consider when building the ultimate butty. 

Choose the right bread for the job

This really does make all the difference between sarnie success and failure. Think about the filling - for soft centres, such as cream cheese or jam, you want bread with a crunch and vice-versa. Crispy fillings, like fried chicken, should come wrapped in a soft roll or tortilla. It's all about creating a contrast. 

Spread the word

Butter, spreads and mayo don't just taste good - they also form a barrier between the bread and filling that helps prevent sogginess. Think of it as waterproofing your sarnie! For even more flavour, mix herbs and spices into your mayo or softened butter. 

Top billing in your filling

This tends to be the protein, such as meat or diary and it's usually layered on the bottom slice of bread. Where it's placed matters - yes seriously. If you don't believe us, try eating your next burger-in-a-bun upside down!

Layer it up...

Make your sarnie simple or complex - as long as the tastes and textures complement each other. Keep building that contrast, but not so much that the flavours clash and to avoid first-bite fallout, don't layer slippery ingredients like tomato and cucumber slices together. 

know when to stop

Overstuffed butties can end up droopy, with precious ingredients spilling out. As a general rule, the firmer bread (think baguette) the more filling it can take. 

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