Here’s how to pour Prosecco correctly

Because the nation's favourite party drink is just too good to waste!

Here’s how to pour Prosecco correctly

Not so long ago, mass panic was caused in the drinks aisle after word got out of a potential prosecco shortage.

"The average Brit wastes half a glass of Prosecco for every bottle"

With this bleak warning in mind, you'd think that fizz lovers far and wide would be savouring every drop of the Italian sparkling wine, right?

But according to our experts, a massive 1.5 million bottles of the integral party tipple will end up on the floor and not in our glass this festive season due to incorrect pouring methods and irresponsbile shape shifting.

What's more, more than 40% of Brits revealed that their prosecco spills over the glass when they pour!

Shocking we know, but that's the sad truth according to our specialist 'affizionado' Alex Kennedy (pictured below) who tells us, "the average Brit wastes half a glass of prosecco for every bottle."  

For those aged 18-24, cutting amazing shapes on the dance floor is the main reason cited for drink spilling, with a quarter admitting they waste the precious Champagne alternative whilst having a boogie. 

Alex adds, "we want to help reduce those merry mishaps and celebratory spills to ensure not a single drop of festive fizz goes to waste. For the dancers amongst us, I’d also recommend putting down the prosecco before attempting to twerk – or stick to a box step to stop spills.”

To ensure the nation isn't losing a drop, Alex has put together some steps to fine-tune your pouring method, so you’ll be better equipped to protect the fizz. 

1. Open the bottle correctly

To open your bottle of prosecco properly, Alex recommends holding your bottle of fizz at a 45-degree angle and then loosening the cage around the cork. "This should take six turns", he says. 

2. Stop it from pouring out 

After removing the cage, Alex says to keep your thumb on top of the cork so that it 'doesn't fly out and overflow'. Because you wouldn't want to waste any of that precious fizz, right?

3. Control the pop

We've all seen a cork pop and the rest of the bottle fizz up everywhere - what a waste! To avoid this, Alex recommends twisting the bottle, not the cork. He says, "and make sure you control it so it pops quietly, remember, you’re not in the Grand Prix."

4. Hold the glass at 45 degrees 

Not only will tilting your glass at a 45-degree angle make you look like a pro, but it will stop any of the precious prosecco from spilling over the top. He says, "then slowly pour the delicious liquid down the side of the glass so that it doesn't hit the bottom too quickly."

5. Store it correctly

Another way prosecco can be spilt is when the cork pops by surprise. To help prevent any such accident from happening, Alex says, "Store your prosecco in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and vibrations. This will avoid any surprise cork pops when opening."

6. Chill it at the right temperature 

When serving, ensure the fizz is ‘fridge cold – not frozen' Alex tells us. He says, "any freezing may cause the cork to explode or the glass to shatter." And what a dreadful outcome that would be!

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