10 commandments of taking the perfect Instagram picture

Lighting, composition and colour is important

10 commandments of taking the perfect Instagram picture

Taking the perfect Instagram foodie picture is an art. How many times have you been served a beautiful-looking stack of pancakes dripping in maple syrup or an incredible burger topped with melted cheese and spent 15 minutes letting it go cold because you've been trying to take an amazing picture? 

Well this weekend when you spot an Insta-worthy food moment, take a read of these handy tips put together by Ryvita and some of their influencer foodie friends, and you'll be taking pictures that will pull in all the likes!

The 10 commandments of taking the perfect instagram:

1. Avoid the flash. Madeleine Shaw, health coach and blogger, recommends using lots of natural light when taking a food snap. 

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2. Composition is crucial. Centre isn’t necessarily better, mix it upAnna Barnett, author of ‘Eat the Week’, says that centred shots are great, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment with angles and off-centre shots. Freestyle!

3. Focus can be fatal. An out of focus falafel is the ultimate foodie faux pas'Remember to focus on the focus', Anna added. 

4. Use the grid - Anna also advocates making use of your Insta-grid to make sure that all of the elements of your picture are aligned and look insta-worthy.

5. Go easy on the filter - Healthy eating expert and England Touch Rugby player Jon Weston-Stanley advises that a filter is often unnecessary and the key to making your pictures look good on Instagram is to simply leave it as it is. 

6. Symmetry is king - Jon also advises making use of symmetry when capturing a food snap. Twinning is winning. 

7. Faking it isn’t making it. Cancel the casting call for extras. Food blogger Jemma Andrew-Adiamah who runs Celery and Cupcakes, suggests not over staging a shot when capturing a food snap; natural chaos and colour compliment each other. 

8. Keep it clean. Avoid clutter and reduce your bill at the prop shop. Jemma also advises that the simplest shots are often the most effective – no props necessary; let the food do the talking. 

9. Background to basics. A blank canvas such as a white tablecloth or a marble worktop is food blogger Bintu's (Recipes from a Pantry) top tip for making colours stand out. 

10.  One a day keeps the haters away. Post no more than once a day no matter how good that fried egg looks. Bintu says less is more and quality over quantity is paramount when it comes to your food snaps.

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