Egg, cranberry & sausage plait

How to use up the ends of all your Christmas staples

Put your leftover mincemeat, chocolate and cranberry sauce to good use

How to use up the ends of all your Christmas staples

Christmas dinners and New Year's Eve soirées might be over and done with but when it comes to food, the best is yet to come. 

Got any spare small chunks of cheese leftover from your festive cheeseboard? Don't through it away - any small amount of cheese, or even their rinds adds bags of flavour to savoury dishes.

Found the last remaining spoonfuls of this year's cranberry sauce? Never chuck it in the bin - that will do nicely on toast or a sweet croissant.

The bin is also no rightful place for the last dregs of your tipples. Little tasters of brandy can be added to cream to make a delicious accompaniment to your tarte tatin and the last few drops of prosecco could be poured into your trifle to add a boozy twist.

Here's the low down on how to make sure nothing goes to waste this year. 

Leftover chunks of cheese

Cheese tastes great with biscuits, even better melted on toast and is the ideal partner to red wine. But when all you're left with are the small end bits, is it the end of the road for the cheese? Certainly not.

Instead of throwing any bit of cheese away, think like The Hairy Bikers, Si and Dave, and 'sling it into the pot to add some flavour'. If you've eaten every bit of the Parmesan, except for the rind, hold on to it! The next time you're making a minestrone soup add it into the dish for an added depth of flavour. 

Small bits of blue cheese can be added into this leek and cheese quiche (pictured below) and if you're looking for quick, inexpensive family meals to make after New Year, that small bit of cheese can be stirred into, or grated onto, a simple pasta with plenty of black pepper and a drizzle of oil. 

A morsel of Mincemeat

Mincemeat - which is the mixture of chopped, spiced and boozy fruit - is known for being the filling of a mince pie. And if you've made your own this Christmas, then you're bound to have a near enough empty jar left in your cupboard.

But if you don't want to make even more mince pies, there's a whole host of ways to use up the last of your mincemeat. Try making these mincemeat-filled snackbars or a mincemeat and clementine plait or even our tasty fruit swirls

Little squares of chocolate

Christmas is a chocoholic's dream, as you're never too far from some kind of selection box. But what do you do with those pesky few that nobody likes...definitely don't throw them away!

You can melt them down in a pan and stir with cornflakes to make cornflake cakes. Or make the most magnificent hot chocolate of your life by combining melted chocolate with milk. Or even chop up into small bits and use them as chocolate chips in cookies or muffins. 

scrapings of Cranberry sauce

No Christmas feast would be complete without a hearty helping of cranberry sauce dolloped on beautifully cooked turkey. But don't ditch a jar just because you've finished your Christmas dinner. There are so many more things that cranberry sauce can do.

A couple of spoonfuls of the sauce can be made into a delicious glaze for duck. The condiment also tastes amazing spread on the inside of a sausage plait (as pictured below) and once you've had it on toast, you'll never look back. It really is the gift that keeps giving. 

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