Bubble and sqeak

12 ways to use up your Christmas leftovers

And how to make sure that leftover Champagne doesn't end up down the drain...

12 ways to use up your Christmas leftovers

After a busy Christmas season, fridges will be bursting with leftover meats, delicious sides, huge blocks of Stilton and half drunk bottles of bubbly... but the bin definitely isn't the place for these festive leftovers. 

From your foil-wrapped turkey, gammon and lamb, to your surplus veggies including parsnips, carrots and broccoli - there's an endless number of ways to make the most of your leftovers and ensure no sprout gets thrown out.

Here's how...

Lebanese turkey pie 

Leftover turkey anybody? Although the festive meat makes a mighty sandwich with cranberry sauce and stuffing, it makes an even mightier pie, and our Lebanese turkey pie with aubergine, dried apricots and filo pastry can be on the table in under the hour.

Thai turkey meatball broth

This delicious meatball broth is really thinking outside the box when it comes to leftovers. Turkey is combined with stuffing and egg to make the meatballs, then dropped into a flavoursome broth of Thai spices and coconut milk. 

Keema cheat's naan pizza with roast beef

Colourful, tasty and jam-packed with flavour, this naan pizza with delicious paneer is the perfect way to use up all your extra chunks of beef, carrots, parsnips and sprouts. 

Ham, leek and potato pie

Kill two birds with one stone with this ham and potato pie which can be ready in under an hour. The light crispy filo pastry adds a delicate top to the creamy, comforting winter dish. If you don't want to use pastry, you could try omitting the potatoes from the filling and replacing with peas, and topping with mashed roast potatoes instead.

Salmon and red pepper curry

Don’t let leftover baked salmon go to waste – it’s simple to turn it into a zippy, Thai-inspired curry. Just look how pretty this dish looks! It would also work well with leftover chicken or turkey.

Leftover stuffing carbonara

Although we love nothing more than eating stuffing by itself, it can also provide a substantial topping to a simple pasta dish. Take our sensational stuffing carbonara, which can be ready and on the table in under half an hour. The recipes calls for lardons, but any leftover bits of bacon can be chopped up into small bits and will work just as well!

Carrot and potato rosti

A versatile side dish with the delicious texture of rosti and the sweet flavour of carrots makes this recipe ideal for using up any scraps of veg. 

Boxing Day bubble and squeak

What Boxing Day would be complete without some crispy, delicious and tasty bubble and squeak. It's everyone's favourite way to use up leftover veggies! And if you haven't tried it served with a poached egg on top before, let this Christmas be the year. You won't regret it.

Stilton, chestnut and cranberry mini tarts

Are you one of the many households that buys huge blocks of Stilton, but eats about a third of it? Luckily for you, there are lots of recipes that taste amazing with the addition of punchy blue cheese. Try these mini tarts with chestnut and cranberries - or make a big version if you prefer to serve the whole family. Stilton also tastes great dotted over a tomato and vegetable crumble or in a simple baked gnocchi midweek supper. 

downright amazing desserts

There should be no excuse for throwing away half bottles of flat bubbly - you spent good money on that! You could try freezing in ice cube trays to add to mimosas, or make poached pears by cooking the fizz with citrus juice, sugar and cinnamon before poaching, or even make a quick salad dressing by mixing olive oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, a pinch of sugar and bubbles. 

Raspberry prosecco trifle

Looking for a New Year's dessert? Try this: layers of prosecco-soaked raspberries, Madeira cake, whipped cream and pistachios make up this festive trifle treat. Because prosecco is just too good to waste, right?

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