Sweet potato toast

5 glorious ways to use up a jar of jam

And it doesn't include slathering it on your toast...

5 glorious ways to use up a jar of jam

Sweet, fruity and deliciously tasty, jam is one conserve we couldn't live without.

But this sweet and satisfying spread wasn't just made to be eaten on toast – oh no! There's a multitude of ways to incorporate the sticky conserve into your diet and finish a jar (or two) in no time.

Whether you choose strawberry jam, blackberry or have grown a liking to the apricot kind, try out our alternative solutions and recipes below and tag us in your creations using @asda and hashtagging #GetYourCookOn. 


1. Add it to a meat sauce

Jam might be sweet but it makes for the perfect ingredient to add into meaty lunch or dinner dishes. Just like this colourful summer supper of chicken and veggies. It's delicious and really simple to prepare and the jam helps to make this chicken dinner deliciously sticky and subtly sweet. 

2. Shake it into a cocktail

Who knew jam could be so versatile? Sharp blackcurrant jam mixes together with fiery ginger in this fruit and spice gin cocktail. But strawberry jam would work just as well in this recipe to help add to the bright pinky-red colour. Be sure to shake extra well and serve with a twist of lemon zest. 

3. Top your porridge with jam

Forget honey – put a dollop of jam on top of your porridge instead and swirl it in for a sweet fruity taste sensation. Try making our homemade porridge recipe which is ready to be eaten in under 5 minutes. Breakfast just got even better!


4. Mix up your 'toast'

In need of some brunch inspo? Dish up these golden-brown slices of grilled sweet potato with a creamy and fruity topping of jam – just the job to elevate your next lunch or brunch. We've used blackberry jam but try out any other sweet conserve you've got lurking in your fridge and you're in for a treat! 

5. Use it in a bake 

Sponge puddings topped with a hearty dose of jam...what more could you want? Bring home the real taste of Great British puddings with our jam and coconut sponge which we've topped with pink custard. Or make jam the star of the show by baking a classic jam roly-poly or some mini jam and treacle tarts. Just the way to finish any dinner! 

Make the most of your jam! Head over to Asda to pick up your jar and get cooking. 

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