5 tips on how to use up leftover vegetables

Waste not want not

5 tips on how to use up leftover vegetables

Leftover veg need not be chucked in the bin or left for weeks upon end in the back of your fridge just waiting to be used. From turning leftover carrot and potato peelings into tasty crisps to creating herb cubes - with a bit of planning you could save yourself money and help reduce food waste at the same time.

Here are 5 speedy ways to prevent your veg ending up in the bin…

1. Grate idea 

Grate or finely chop carrots, onions and peppers and put in freezer bags with pinches of chilli flakes or herbs, if you like. Freeze for up to 1 month, then use straight from frozen. It’s a great way to sneak veg into a sauce or casserole.

2. Crunch time 

Make crisps with carrot and potato peelings. Toss the peelings with rapeseed oil, paprika and black pepper, spread out on a baking sheet and cook at 180C/ 160C Fan/Gas 4 for 15-20 mins until golden and crisp.  

3. herb cubes 

Chop leftover fresh herbs, put in an ice cube tray, cover with oil or water and freeze. Simply pop these into soups or casseroles straight from the freezer. 

4. Get saucy 

Whiz leftover roast veg in a blender until smooth and use to thicken sauces – try butternut squash in a mac ’n’ cheese. It works a treat!

5. Take stock 

Put peelings, vegetable tops or any leftover tomatoes into a large pan. Cover with water and simmer to make a tasty stock. Or freeze your veg trimmings and save to add to the stockpot in one go. 

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