Strawberry kebabs

9 fun ways to use up your Easter chocolate

From boozy truffles to chewy cookies, make the most of your chocolate obsession

9 fun ways to use up your Easter chocolate

Let's be honest – leftover chocolate eggs and bunnies after Easter can hardly be considered a bad thing. On the contrary, it's a great excuse to get creative with chocolate in the kitchen! 

You could melt down a couple of eggs into a glossy, thick mixture – pour it onto a tray and top with dried fruit, popcorn, marshmallows or caramel, before refridgerating and snapping into shards.

You could make a simple chocolate dipping sauce, a light mousse, a square of fudge or a decadent cake. The options are fairly endless, but these are our favourite ideas for using up your leftovers...

chocolate and raspberry meringues 

Add melted chocolate to whipped cream before dolloping on top of ready-made meringues, along with fresh raspberries. You can make these impressive-looking treats in just 10 minutes – and don't forget to shave any remaining chocolate on top! 

Strawberry kebabs

The best thing about chocolate is that it's so versatile. It tastes great by itself, even better in a dessert, and oh-so-heavenly when it's melted. If you enjoy dark chocolate, make sure you use the leftovers for this recipe. Simply melt it down with some cream and Grand Marnier liqueur or orange juice, and get dipping!

Easy chocolate fudge

Who doesn’t love a squishy square of chocolate fudge? And despite what you might think, you don’t have to be a master chocolatier to make it, either.

Rocky road

Rocky road squares are a delicious way to use up both leftover chocolate and any biscuits are that starting to go stale. We’ve made ours gluten-free, but feel free to experiment with your own favourite biscuits, dried fruits and nuts to personalise the treats.


Peanut butter lava pots 

A little leftover dark chocolate can be easily transformed into these rich lava pots, which are given a nutty twist with a dollop of creamy peanut butter.

Chocolate and pistachio cookies

Chewy cookies just aren’t the same without big chunks of melty chocolate, and these triple chocolate dipped cookies are positively oozing with the stuff! Try replacing the pistachios with your own choice of nuts — chopped almonds, pecans, hazlenuts or peanuts would all work well. 

Milk chocolate marshmallow teacakes 

Any milk chocolate lovers can use their leftovers to make these impressive-looking teacakes. With a biscuit base and pillowy, mallow filling, our recipe makes a batch of 25, so you can easily package them up and send them to your loved ones.

CARAMElised pear and chocolate upside-down cake 

Melt leftover chocolate down to use in this mouth-watering caramel-laden pear cake, which looks seriously impressive when turned out onto a plate or stand.

Chocolate truffles

These melt-in-the-mouth truffles are a rich and decadent way to upcycle that hoard of Easter chocolate. Add a splash of Tia Maria or brandy for an extra kick.