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10 ways to use up your Easter chocolate

Make the most of your Easter eggs with these chocolatey recipes

By Rebecca Shepherd, 19 April 2017
10 ways to use up your Easter chocolate

It happens every year. No matter how hard you try, the week after Easter there’s always a mountain of chocolate left sitting on your kitchen tabletop just waiting to be eaten.

After all, chocolate would be a terrible thing to waste!

It's all fun and games at first, but after a few days of egg-streme eating, it can become slightly boring. 

So to help you make your way through what seems like the never ending amount of Easter eggs you and your little ones have accumulated, we've rounded up some chocolate-based recipes that you can use your eggs in.

After all, chocolate would be a terrible thing to waste! 

Strawberry kebabs

The good thing about chocolate is that it's so versatile. It tastes great by itself, even better in a dessert and oh-so-heavenly when it's melted. If you've been given any dark chocolate this Easter, make sure you use it for this recipe. Simply melt it down with some cream and Grand Marnier or orange juice, and dip your fruit. Yum!

Chocolate fondue

This chocolate fondue recipe would work with white, dark or milk chocolate. Or why not melt all three? Fun and quick to make, this is a party favourite for dipping. Gather the kids and get them involved with making a fresh fruit platter. 

Homemade hot chocolate

You can't beat hot chocolate, can you? Especially if it's homemade! This homemade recipe takes 10 minutes to make, but is delicious and comforting any time of the day. 

Orange and chocolate pancakes

Perfect for Saturday mornings or lazy Sundays, all chocolate fans will love these squidgy treats with a citrus tang.

Chocolate and pistachio cookies

Replace the pistachios with your own choice of nuts – try almonds, brazils or pecans.

Willy Wonka bars

All the sweet delights from the chocolate factory – in one whipple-scrumptious bar. Depending on what sugary treats you've got leftover you can add them into this treat. 

Chocolate shards

For this recipe it's best to use eating chocolate - meaning it makes for the perfect treat to make with all your uneaten Easter eggs. 

Chocolate fridge cake

This has got to be a firm family favourite and it's great for keeping the kids entertained. Get them to decorate with icing or use any leftover sugary treats up by topping the cake with them. 

Really easy chocolate fudge

Who doesn't love chocolate fudge? And despite what you might think, with our recipe you don't have to be a master chocolatier to make it either. 

Monster jazzies

Got any leftover Smarties? If so, this treat is the one for you. This fun monster jazzies recipe is a triple treat of Rice Krispie cakes topped with melted white chocolate and Mini Smarties.

Feeling inspired to create these chocolate masterpieces? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store