5 quick and easy ways to use up your leftovers

From roast chicken to veggies; don't let anything go to waste

5 quick and easy ways to use up your leftovers

We're all guilty of it; over catering. Whether it's a roast joint that would easily feed two families, or vegetables that don't go down as well as the Yorkshire puddings, there is always food leftover at Sunday lunch. But whatever you do, make sure you don't chuck anything away. There's another meal in those leftovers just waiting to be discovered.

From a quick beef ragu to a rather tempting and super speedy stack of veggie quesadillas, here are some amazing dishes that will make you stop and think before throwing anything away.

LEftover beef

This ultimate speedy beef ragu usually takes hours to cook and mature, but you can whip this tasty dinner up in minutes using your leftover cooked beef and a Bolognese sauce. All you'll need to do is throw in some additional herbs and vegetables and serve it with some pasta. We think a wide shaped pasta goes best with chunky ragu, but if you've got spaghetti or penne in the cupboard there's no need to splash out on anything new! 

LEftover chicken

Chicken is a Sunday lunch favourite but so often there's plenty of trimmings leftover. You could throw it in a curry, add it to a stirfry or simply enjoy it in a sandwich, but we love the flavours in this Vietnamese-inspired salad. Served with crunchy leaves, zingy citrus flavours, crunchy toasted baguette and pickled veggies, this Banh Mi-style chicken salad with quick pickles is a midweek winner.

LEftover salmon

If you've bought a whole side of salmon, chances are you'll have some leftover. But luckily, the delicious fish goes perfectly in this Thai-inspired super salmon and red pepper curry with red pepper and flavours of coconut and lime zest. After a long day at work this is exactly what your stomach will be calling for. If curry isn't your thing, why not try making some fish cakes, or filling a savoury tart with salmon and asparagus or broccoli.

Leftover cooked vegetables

Give spare roasted vegetables a Mexican wave with these delicious roasted veg quesadillas. As well as using up all your leftover veg, including your tomatoes, courgettes, and peppers, this mighty feast can be on the table in under 20 minutes. Tempted?

LEftover mash

Got any leftover veg from your weekly Sunday roast? Or how about any unwanted mash leftover from your sausages? Well, in these cheesy colcannon croquettes, you can convert these two staples into wonderful crispy-coated bites. They'll be the perfect side to pretty much any dish and would be amazing dipped in tomato sauce.

If you need to pick up some extra bits to turn your leftovers into a second feast, make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store