Ice cream ramen is the latest dessert trend taking over our instagram

But don’t worry, it’s not actually as weird as it sounds!

Ice cream ramen is the latest dessert trend taking over our instagram

Remember the raindrop cake, the Japanese dessert trend that went viral a few months ago, challenging everything you thought you knew about cake?

Well, the latest jelly dish has just taken ice cream to a new level.

New York City's dessert shop, The Dessert Kitchen, is serving up ice cream ramen – and confusingly, the ice-cream ramen isn’t made of ice cream or ramen. Wait, what?


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Instead, the "ice cream" is made with crushed ice covered in evaporated milk (sort of like ice-cream), and as for the noodles, they're kanten, which are traditional Japanese jelly noodles that are made from algae, giving them a see-through, jelly-like appearance.


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These translucent blue noodles are then served on a bowl of crushed ice, mochi (a Japanese rice cake), cantaloupe and mango, topped off with evaporated milk and served with a side of white peach syrup.

The Dessert Kitchen has several flavours of these kanten noodles available, including peach, green tea milk, kyoho, honey, and brown sugar.

Their menu also features other unusual creations, like "Green tea shaved ice with red bean special flour balls and red bean ice cream brick" and cornflake ice cream sundaes.

It all sounds pretty intriguing!