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Welcome to our ‘inclusive eating’ series

Discover how we want to change perceptions of allergies and intolerances and ensure everyone feels included

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Welcome to our ‘inclusive eating’ series

"The way we eat is changing and so must we!" Says Senior Manager Asda Own Brand Innovation, Joanna Johnson.

65% of Brits are confused about what a child with food allergies or requirements can eat

"With 60% of British households now having a member of the family with a specific dietary preference or need according to our research, it’s time we all raise our forks in support of every diet – especially as kids head back to school.

"From coeliac disease to anaphylactic allergies, parents have a lot to think about, so at Asda we want to ensure you’re armed and ready to cater for everyone. We’re committed to helping you understand it’s not about what people can’t eat, it’s about what they can…and that’s much more than you might think!

"For the 67% of parents relying on new friends to look after kids during playdates, parties and general childcare, we understand how important it is to trust they will be fine and happy eating away from home.

"If you’re a parent of a child with a dietary requirement, this means the constant worry that wherever your child is, there's the potential for somebody not ‘in the know’ on any allergies or intolerances to feed them something potentially dangerous. Similarly, if you’re the one taking care of others’ kids, you’ll naturally worry over what you’re giving them to eat, or you’ll hit a roadblock when it comes to cooking a meal that works for everyone. 

"Through our 'inclusive eating' guide, you’ll find information on what sort of questions to ask other parents when it comes to what kids can eat, practical information on what the differences between an allergy and an intolerance are, a whole range of helpful tips and tricks on cooking for those with dietary requirements, and kitchen hacks to help make everything from parties to playdates as inclusive as possible."


To help with this guide, we’ve worked with three parenting bloggers, each with a child requiring a special diet. These parents, each with a different story to tell, are advocates for inclusive eating, meaning that no child should feel excluded or embarrassed by their dietary requirement.  

To discover all of our content on this topic, head to the 'Inclusive Eating' tab under 'Food' at the top of this page. Happy browsing!

Becky O'Leary - @Will We Ever Eat Out Again?

"'Will we ever eat out again!?' This was my response to the Dr’s sombre delivery that the results confirmed our 5-year-old wannabe superhero, Peggy, has Coeliac Disease. You see, our culinary adventurers were already somewhat hampered by the fact that Chris, my husband, has Crohn’s disease and is on a low fibre diet. It turns out that, almost 1 year in, we’re surviving (and dare I say it, rather enjoying discvering new recipes and products that cater for our diverse dietary needs).

"Like most parents, what we want for Peggy is a life with choice. To not be held back by her dietary needs. To eat out in an environment which is safe. To eat which ever foods she loves wherever she chooses. To educate and inform is the beginning of positive change to promote inclusivity and equality to everyone with dietary needs."

Mike Brook - @DaddyFreckle

"Mike - aka Daddy Freckle, father of two, influencer of some. My eldest daughter has a dairy and egg anaphylaxis, so my blog was born out of a desire to share what I've learnt and to support others when it comes to life with a child with food allergies. School can be a difficult and anxiety-provoking time for a child with an allergy, and the parents of a child with allergies. It can also be challenging for parents whose child is in class with someone with allergies, and for the teachers too. It can lead to the child being isolated, not through people being mean, but being worried that they may a cause harm. I want to help parents and teachers feel more comfortable and confident in managing allergies in a way that's accessible without judgement."

Sophie Skipp - @FeedFelixFast

“When Felix was diagnosed with multiple food allergies (wheat, dairy, soya, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, coconut and some shellfish) at 6 months old, we had to change the way we ate to enjoy meals together. I’ve found ways to share the same meal around our kitchen table, and for Felix to develop a love of my allergy-friendly food. Sharing a meal with your family and friends helps you feel connected, and when you’re little like Felix you just want to be able to tuck in to everything you can see your friends enjoying.

"With a few tweaks it’s so easy to include children like Felix with allergies and intolerances. I want to share some ideas to help - whether it’s for your child, guests at a birthday party or having a friend round to play. It’s easier to cater for a special diet than you might think!”

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