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All-American sweet treats to celebrate Independence Day

Transport yourself to the Deep South, a 1950s diner and the Super Bowl with these US recipes

All-American sweet treats to celebrate Independence Day

Light a sparkler, hold a cookout and dress head-to-toe in red, white and blue, because 4th July marks Independence Day 2018.

The American national holiday marks the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, signed in 1776, which announced America's independence from the British empire.

And although we're not Stateside, we're generally up for any reason to cook up some sweet, saucy and downright naughty American-style bakes.

From comforting Deep South bakes to the sunshine state's favourite pie, check out some of our favourite American recipes below.

Iced doughnuts

The official food of 'cops' and Homer Simpson, the humble ring doughnut is a stateside delicacy. These rings of sweetened dough are traditionally deep-fried then covered in a glaze, cinnamon sugar or a layer of icing. We've kept things on the lighter side by baking our 'nuts instead, before smothering them in red, white and blue frosting and decorations. Oh say can you seeee...

Key lime pie

Comprised of egg yolks, condensed milk and plenty of lime juice, this American classic pie is named after the limes that grow throughout the Florida Keys. For a taste of true Sunshine State sweetness, check out our masterclass recipe.


Stacked high and doused in maple syrup, who could possibly turn down a pile of fluffy, American-style pancakes for breakfast? While our British pancakes are typically thinner and wider, American pancakes are made with a thicker batter made with baking powder to create air bubbles and, typically, buttermilk to keep the inside moist during cooking.

We've replaced the buttermilk with another classic US favourite - peanut butter - in these fluffy cakes. The peanut butter keeps the inner pancake moist, as well as adding a delicious, nutty flavour. Top with some fresh berries and a spoonful of jam (or "jelly"!) to get that classic PB&J combo.

Chocolate brownies

So the story goes, this famous, chocolatey bake was invented when prominent Boston socialite Bertha Potter Palmer asked her chef to invent a cake-like dessert that would fare well in the packed lunches that she and some friends were taking to a world fair in the city. Over 120 years later, these fudgey squares are one of the world's favourite sweet treats, with over 2 million various recipes online for this one bake.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the perfect brownie: cakey versus fudgey, nuts or no nuts, rich or sweet. Nevertheless, we're convinced that we've nailed it with our ultimate chocolate brownie recipe. Cakey around the edges, crisp on top and irresistibly gooey in the centre, these decadent squares have it all. Check out the only brownie recipe you'll ever need here.

Have our US wonders got you craving some classic diner food? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.