Indian curry and beer

8 delicious curry and beer pairings for National Curry Week

Your Friday night takeaway just got a whole lot better...

8 delicious curry and beer pairings for National Curry Week

Many of us look forward to our Friday night takeaway all week, but there's no reason why this warming dish can't be a midweek occurrence. With delicious recipes that are much lighter than a takeaway and can be whipped up in no time, bringing the enticing flavours of South East Asia to the dinner table has never been easier.  

The only thing that could be better than enjoying a fresh and tasty curry for dinner with minimum fuss? An ice cold beer to wash it down with. We've rounded up eight sumptuous curry and beer pairings that you'll love. 

For a weekend winner, try our homemade chicken tikka masala recipe. Short on time? No problem! Our range of takeaway meals are been slow-cooked to perfection and take less than 15 minutes to heat up so that you can enjoy flavourful, authentic curries on your dinner table in no time. 

Coconut prawn Curry with Cobra

This traditional Vietnamese dish features the delicate flavours of ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and bay leaves, all served with a silky coconut milk sauce. To let those sunny flavours shine, team with a light, crisp drink like a refreshing Cobra Premium beer. 

Get the Vietnamese prawn and coconut curry recipe and Cobra Premium beer here. 

chicken tikka masala with Tiger

Although our clever take on the curry-house fave is significantly leaner than the classic version, you'll still need a strong beer to cut through this dish's delicious creaminess. Refreshing yet full-bodied, Tiger Premium lager is the perfect match. Its silky texture and malty character are perfect compliments to this mildly spiced and rich sauce. 

Get the homemade chicken tikka masala recipe and Tiger Premium lager here. 

Beef biryani with Singha

With its medley of star anise, cinnamon, turmeric and cumin, pairing this south Indian dish calls for a beer that can match its pungent flavours. Singha Thai beer is rich in taste with a strong hop flavour that can stand up to the powerful flavours within the curry. It's the perfect beverage to wash down all that melt-in-the-mouth meat.

Get the beef biryani recipe and Singha lager here.

Bengal king prawn curry with Guinness West Indies Porter

A flavour-packed and relatively dry curry, this king prawn curry is all about nurturing the sweet meat of the shellfish. The warming Whitechapel Porter Premium Ale will cut through the coconut’s richness and balance out the flavour, while allowing for a complex and savoury finish. Translation? Pure deliciousness with every mouthful.

Get the Bengal king prawn curry recipe and Guinness West Indies Porter here.

Lamb Rogan Josh with Banks's Bitter

This traditional north Indian lamb stew is flavoured with garam masala, dried chillies, cardamom and cloves. For a beer that can stand up to the meaty flavour of this dish, try the amber Bank's Bitter. Its tart edge will soften the heat and salt, while lifting up the more delicate flavours of the sauce. 

Get the lamb rogan josh and Banks's Bitter here. 

Chicken & Butternut Squash Korma with Blue Moon Belgian-Style Wheat Ale

Creamy coconut and rich ground almonds make this veg-packed dish a hit. Bring out the nuttiness of this sweet and mild curry with a sweeter ale, like a Belgian-style wheat beer that will cleanse the palate while balancing salt and acidity. 

Get the chicken and butternut squash korma recipe and Blue Moon Belgian-style wheat ale here. 

Roasted aloo gobi with Kingfisher

Golden curry powder gives this roasted veg dish its familiar colour, that's perfect as a side for curry, instead of rice, or as a light veggie main. This classic Indian spice deserves a classic Indian beer, so wash down these tasty potatoes with a clean and smooth Kingfisher beer. Don't forget the naan bread!

Get the roasted aloo gobi recipe and Kingfisher here. 

Mattar paneer curry with Greene King India Pale Ale

There's no need for vegetarians to miss out on all the fun! This tasty veggie curry made with mild Indian cheese and deliciously sweet peas is ready in just 15 minutes, and is just as good to serve reheated the next day. Pair with Mainbrace India Premium Pale ale, a refreshingly smooth brew with light citrus notes that will balance out the creaminess of the cheese. 

Get the mattar paneer recipe and Greene King India Pale Sle here. 

Have our expert curry and beer pairings got you dreaming up a curry night feast for dinner tonight? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.