Jack fincham

Jack Fincham talks about his favourite foods

From guilty pleasures to healthy swaps, the Love Island alumni reveals all

Jack Fincham talks about his favourite foods

Jack Fincham, 27, was a pen salesman before winning ITV2’s Love Island in 2018. He lives in London.

What’s a typical daily diet for you?

Recently, I’ve been having Greek yogurt with loads of berries and a little honey drizzled on top after my 6.30am gym training session. For lunch I’ll have a chicken salad with lots of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot and a bit of cous cous. After training in the afternoon, I might have a steak with some roasted vegetables.


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You sound pretty healthy...

I’ve really changed my diet over the past few months since getting back to boxing training in January. After Love Island, I was relying on takeaways as I was so busy. It took its toll, and my BMI [body mass index] soon showed I was bordering on obese, so it feels good to be eating better now.

What kind of cook are you?

Full disclosure – I’m not very good in the kitchen! I can grill a steak but I’ll usually make stir-fries – that’s my thing. There’s always some chicken and veg in my fridge.

How was the food on Love Island?

It was all right. You could have anything from pasta or chicken to salad and burgers. I ate a lot of cheese and ham croissants so was surprised that I lost a bit of weight over the two months. I think it was from being in the heat!

What dish really reminds you of your childhood?

My mum’s spaghetti Bolognese – it was to die for. I’d get back from school and the smell of it would be wafting down the path as I walked up to the front door. I’m salivating thinking about it!

First thing you attempted to cook as a kid?

Mum and I used to enjoy baking together. I can remember us making cupcakes and cookies using those do-it-yourself kits you can get. I loved licking the spoon!


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What’s your go-to snack?

Not long ago, I was a crisp addict. Three handfuls and the bag would be gone! Now I have nuts, olives and gherkins instead. It’s weird how your taste buds change when you start eating better. For a week
or so you crave sweet, starchy foods, then suddenly you’re all over the healthier options.

Favourite restaurant?

Pellicci’s on Bethnal Green Road. It’s an old Italian café that’s been in business for more than 100 years. It does a brilliant chicken escalope and the tiramisu is the best in London.

Any recent culinary disasters?

I’m really clumsy in the kitchen. A few months ago, I dropped a whole packet of cous cous on the floor. I’m still finding grains now!