The James Martin Wine Pairing Guide

Pair the chef's tasty recipes with these Asda wines for the ultimate treat

By Shannon Wilson, 29 July 2016
The James Martin Wine Pairing Guide

After a long day, there's nothing better than a slap up meal and a good glass of wine. While chef extraordinaire James Martin has been cooking up a storm in the Asda kitchens over on our James Martin channel, the perfect accessory to his mouth-watering dishes is harder to come by. With so many affordable, great quality (and even award winning) wines available at Asda, how do you go about choosing the right one to compliment what you're dishing up?

That's where our experts come in. We chatted to top wine growers, makers and connoisseurs to pick up a few titbits on what makes the perfect accompaniment to the celebrity chef's tastiest dishes.

So whether you're planning a special occasion, date night in, or midweek treat, you'll be able to grab the perfect wine to sup while you eat.

James Martin’s ultimate burger with... Zilzie Shiraz Viognier

The ultimate wine for the ultimate burger, this Shiraz hails from Australia. Vibrant and deliciously juicy, its mulberry and dark cherry flavours perfectly compliment James Martin's juicy and succulent burger recipe. Come for the velvety tannins, and stay for the hint of spicy vanillin oak - guaranteed to enhance that smoky and succulent burger flavour we all know and love. 

Make it: James Martin’s ultimate burger

Buy it: Zilzie Shiraz Viognier


James Martin’s cauliflower couscous with maple syrup dressing with... Extra Special Viognier

French, floral and fragrant, when you’re serving up James Martin’s cauliflower couscous there’s no better match than Extra Special Viognier. While this Viognier goes well with a variety of dishes, the crisp and refreshing tones emphasise the delicious maple flavours of James Martin's recipe to a tee – and they both go great al fresco, too! 

Make it: James Martin’s cauliflower couscous with maple syrup dressing

Buy it: Extra Special Viognier

James Martin’s turkey tabbouleh with lemon and herbs with... Cotes de Provence Rosé

Inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, the flavours of this light and tasty dish work best with a refreshing rosé such as Cotes de Provence. Dry, yet crisp and poignant, the red berry and melon flavours of the drink flawlessly compliment the tabbouleh’s pomegranate and herby ingredients – a flavour concoction that you won’t quickly forget.

Make it: James Martin’s turkey tabbouleh with lemon and herbs

Buy it: Cotes de Provence Rosé

James Martin’s chicken with Parmesan, lemon, and thyme with...  Wine Atlas Grillo

A vivid Grillo from Sicily with a pale yellow colour, this white wine is a great choice for any white meat – particularly James Martin's chicken with Parmesan. Why? The lemon and Parmesan in the dish relish the intense tropical aromas and savoury basil of the Grillo. A match made in heaven, if ever there was one.

Make it: James Martin’s chicken with Parmesan, lemon, and thyme

Buy it: Wine Atlas Grillo

James Martin’s extra special glazed sausages with... Wine Atlas Corbiere

Red, rustic and powerful, this medium-bodied French wine almost seems tailor-made for James Martin's glazed pork sausage recipe, perfectly accentuating the maple tones of the glaze. Ideal on the BBQ or snuggled up on the couch, the herby and fruity flavours of Corbiere will keep you coming back for more. What's more, you can even use any leftovers in stews or roasts. Now that’s a bargain.

Make it: James Martin’s extra special glazed sausages

Buy it: Wine Atlas Corbieres

James Martin’s spatchcock chicken with Caesar salad with... Villa Vincini Gran Rosso

James Martin's Spatchcock Chicken is the ideal alternative to your Sunday roast, especially when accompanied by this rich and full-bodied Italian red, Villa Vincini Gran Rosso. Seductive and succulent – and that's just the wine – the concentrated black cherry and dried fruit has an alluring effect on the taste of the chicken, bringing out hidden spices to tingle your palate.

Make it: James Martin’s spatchcock chicken with Caesar salad

Buy it: Villa Vincini Gran Rosso

James Martin’s Smoked Salmon Tart with... De Bortoli Chardonnay 

Tasty, soft and fruity, this 2014 Australian wine accentuates the flavours of James Martin’s smoked salmon tart in a way that has to be tried to be believed. With hints of pear and cashew, its tasty tones flawlessly compliment the zingy flavours of salmon, leaving a refreshing palate-cleansing taste on the tongue.

Make it: James Martin’s Smoked Salmon Tart

Buy it: De Bortoli Family Selection Chardonnay

James Martin's griddled asparagus with a redcurrant jelly dressing with... Wine Atlas Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

One for lovers of zingy fresh tones, this Touraine from France is packed full of character. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, it's subtle flavours feature everything from gooseberry and grapefruit to freshly cut grass - tastier than it might sound! Pair it with James Martin's grilled asparagus for the ultimate treat.

Make it: James Martin's griddled asparagus with a redcurrant jelly dressing

Buy it: Wine Atlas Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

Love our selections? This is just a small preview of all the fantastic wines available in Asda. Discover our range in-store or by shopping online at either our specialist wine shop (6 bottles minimum) or on our grocery home shopping site. Looking for more great wine pairings? Our BBQ drinks guide serves up a great selection.