Joe Wicks

4 Joe Wicks recipes you need to try

Our favourite cheeky chappie is back with some exclusive recipes for feeding your nearest and dearest

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4 Joe Wicks recipes you need to try

Personal trainer turned lifestyle guru Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach, shot to Instagram fame in 2014 with his ‘Lean in 15’ posts. Four books and 1.8million followers later, he’s still as keen as ever to transform the way we see food. 

"If you know you have eight mates coming around, all you have to do is prep like a boss"

He said: "My new book, Cooking for Family & Friends, has got recipes for all sorts of social occasions – whether you’ve got mates staying the weekend and you want to knock out an amazing brunch, or you’re gathering everyone for a banging BBQ. 

"If you ask most people about their best memories, it’s about the people they were with and not what they were doing. My family and friends mean everything to me. I’ve had the same mates since school and I’m really close to my family, so sitting down and eating with them is my favourite thing to do in the world – it’s great for the soul. 

"If you know you have eight mates coming around, all you have to do is prep like a boss. With a bit of planning you’ll have everything you need to serve up an impressive meal. Instead of offering a few packets of crisps or bowls of nuts, I’ve got recipes for tasty samosas, fried chicken and halloumi dippers that are so easy to rustle up. 

"I’m known for being The Body Coach and people send me transformation stories and pictures every day after taking on my Lean in 15 plan. Reading how eating the right food and exercising has made people happy and boosted their confidence makes me so proud. It’s what keeps me motivated and I won’t stop until I get the world lean!"

Here are four tasty guilt-free recipes that are sure to get the party started.

Chicken, chorizo and cauliflower tray bake

Joe said: "This traybake is all cooked in the same tray - and it tastes incredible. Preheat the oil in the try to get the chicken skin nice and crispy."

Grilled prawn and halloumi salad

Joe said: "I love a bit of grilled squeaky cheese! It may seem odd grilling the watermelon, but it tastes wicked with the salty halloumi. If you're not a fan of prawns you could use grilled chicken instead."

Egg and chorizo muffins

Joe said: "These muffins are so easy and fast to make. They include chorizo and cheese too, so you know they'll taste awesome. They make a brilliant breakfast on the go or a satisfying snack at lunch."

Sweet potato shakshuka

Joe said: "This shakshuka dish makes a really great meal, especially breakfast, for a crowd. I use sweet potato and ham in this recipe and they taste incredible."

Feeling inspired to create some of Joe's dishes? Make sure you stock up on all the ingredients you need at Asda or pop into your local store