4 tasty kale recipes for some autumnal mealtime inspo

This relative of the cabbage is versatile and full of flavour

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4 tasty kale recipes for some autumnal mealtime inspo

Once the reserve of the superfood-conscious, kale's gone mainstream.

And we're no surprised as to why, either - this versatile, flavour-packed relative of the cabbage works wonder in recipes for dips, snacks and delicious main courses.

Check out four of our favourite ways to spruce up the veggie below.

Kale pesto dip with crumbled feta

Made with plenty of kale, salty feta and fresh lemon, this sensational sauce is easy to make and tastes great on toasted pittas as well as with grilled fish or stirred through pasta. Not a fan of feta? Replace with ricotta for a super creamy, milder alternative.

Warm kale and sausage potato salad with tahini dressing

Nutty tahini is the perfect partner to leafy kale, adding a creamy richness to this autumnal salad. We love the way the tahini works with the chilli in the sausages, bringing hearty flavours from across the world into the mix.

Kale and bacon pearl barley 'risotto'

Earthy kale works well with nutty barley and smoky bacon in this tasty dinner. Not only is pearl barley higher in fibre, but it's also simpler to cook than a traditional rice risotto.

The beauty with this dish is you can chuck in whatever leftovers you've got lurking in the fridge: torn cooked chicken, cooked veggies, squares of ham and any crumbled cheese would all work wonders!

Crunchy Parmesan kale crisps

A tasty swap for standard crisps, these crinkly kale versions make a delicious snack or crouton-style topper for soups and salads. Serve alongside evening drinks with a creamy, herby dip to really impress dinner guests.

Have our kale recipes got you craving some wholesome, autumnal goodness? Make sure to stock up on everything you need to rustle up these leafy dishes online or pop into your local store.