7 kid-friendly Halloween food ideas that don’t involve sugar

Because Halloween isn't just about the candy...

7 kid-friendly Halloween food ideas that don’t involve sugar

Looking for some seriously spooky sugar-less treats to serve up to kids (and big kids) this Halloween? Look this way if you dare!

There are lots of ways to celebrate October 31st in true Halloween-style and, believe it or not, it doesn't have to involve a single bag of sweets. 

From scary carrot beasties to swamp-inspired smoothies –  little tricksters will devour these party treats in no time. 


Mozzarella and olive eyeballs

For eery eye-catching bites check out these mozzarella and olive eyeballs. To create them, cut pitted green olives in half. Use the end of a drinking straw to cut circles out of black olives, then put in the holes in the green olives to create pupils. Arrange the olive halves on top of mini Mozzarella balls to complete then arrange on a plate and watch trick or treaters dig in! 

Stuffed mummy peppers

How boo-tiful and scary do these stuffed 'mummy' peppers look? To make them, preheat the oven to 200C/ 180C Fan/ Gas 6. Halve and deseed some Grower’s Selection Baby Peppers. Fill with soft cheese, wrap in thin strips of puff pastry and bake until golden. Pipe on soft cheese eyes and dot with ketchup. Serve hot or cold.

Scary carrot beasties

Eye spy with my little eye these veg-coated, creamy bites which will make little ones scream in delight! But you'll be pleased to know that these little balls of goodness aren't as scary to make as they look. Made from grated carrots, soft cheese and a sprinkle of curry powder for flavour, roll this mixture up into small balls and then chill for 30 minutes until they have set. Then, before serving, make the eyeballs by sticking pretzel pieces into the mozzarella halves and use a cocktail stick to dot with food colouring for pupils. Spooky indeed!

Frozen zombie bark 

What could be spookier than frozen zombie bark? Bite into a shard of this tangy, jelly-flavoured frozen yogurt and watch the eyes follow you as you go. This edible treat is super easy to make too and the kids will love getting involved. Using sugar-free jelly, dissolve it and mix it in with some yogurt. Repeat with two other sugar-free jelly flavours then spoon dollops of the mixtures into a baking tray and swirl together. Scatter over some sprinkles and icing eyes then freeze until you're ready to serve. 

Swamp smoothies 

Wash all the treats down with a frightfully thirst-quenching fruit and veg blend swamp smoothie! We've made our green swamp treat from bananas, cucumber, spinach and added a teaspoon of honey for sweetness. For the orange potion, we've packed it full of carrots and oranges to give it its bright colour and mixed in some bananas to add some extra sweetness.

Gruesome grins 

Did somebody say 'cheese'? How gruesome do these Halloween offerings look! Using wonky sunflower seeds for teeth, sweet strawberry slices for tongues and apples for lips, there's something macabre about these mouths! Dish these up for a tasty surprise like no other. 

The creature from the houmous lagoon 

Perhaps the piece de resistance of any Halloween-inspired party spread is this googly-eyed creature from the houmous lagoon. Although we've made our creature more cute than creepy by slicing off the top of a pepper and peeling a slice of cucumber for a tongue. We've then finished him off with olive eyeballs and cress hair. Don't forget to put some houmous in a bowl and serve this creeper alongside some sliced veggies ready for dipping. 


Feeling inspired to create some creepy Halloween treats for the kids? Head over to Asda to pick up everything you need.