Get the kids to help make these weeknight winners

Watch them devour every bite — even the veg!

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Get the kids to help make these weeknight winners

Letting kids help make their dinner is a great way to convince them to try things they otherwise wouldn’t. And who knows, you might even be able to sneak an extra portion of veg past them…

We’ve compiled some weeknight winner dinners that are fun to make and super tasty. Get the kids involved in the kitchen and watch their proud faces gobble down all their creations, even the greens.

Lamb kebabs with crushed new potatoes & mint pesto

Zingy mint pesto adds freshness to these juicy lamb skewers and crispy, crunchy new potatoes. Let your little ones build their own skewers to give them a sense of ownership over their dinner — just be aware of the sticks' pointy ends!

Crunchy fish fingers with sweet potato chips & mushy peas

These succulent fish fingers are breaded in a surprising coating... cous cous! Homemade mushy peas add colour and texture to this childhood dinner classic.

Chicken & sweet potato boats

Sweet potato mash, BBQ chicken and sweetcorn all wrapped up in a crispy potato skin. This might look like indulgent American-inspired Super Bowl food, but one serving actually packs an impressive 3 of your 5-a-day!

Green pea falafels

These tasty patties are flavoured with fresh herbs and mild spices, and coloured with beautiful green peas. Put the flatbreads, tahini yogurt, salad and falafels on the table and let everyone assemble their own for an element of fun.

turkey meatballs with red pepper sauce

Pasta and courgetti come to life in this flavour-packed sauce loaded up with fresh, sweet red peppers and tomatoes. Spiralising the courgettes is a great job to delegate to one of your little helpers — they'll love watching the courgette 'noodles' come out the other side.

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