Kiwi sorbet

The best ways to enjoy kiwi fruit

Make this delicious fruit the star of the show

The best ways to enjoy kiwi fruit

Despite being best known as a 'kiwi', this fruit-salad-favourite is actually native to China (it was originally known as the Chinese gooseberry). Cultivation of the fruit spread from China to New Zealand around the early 20th century, and became very popular with British and American servicemen stationed there in the Second World War. Needless to say, the kiwi has proven a real hit in the UK and is, happily for us, widely available for most of the year.

There are around 50 different varieties which peak at various points throughout the year – for example, the Golden Kiwi, which has a softer (easier to eat) skin than the brown, fuzzy version. It's generally best to buy kiwis betwen November and May, when they're at their peak. If storing them at home (and waiting for them to ripen) use the fridge. Craving some juicy kiwi goodness? Check out these fruity recipes...

Kiwi & lime sorbet

Could anything be more refreshing than this kiwi and lime sorbet? If you've had a heavy meal this is the perfect antidote – though it also works well dolloped into a glass of Prosecco or lemonade. 

Kiwi eton mess

That english classic but with a slightly exotic twist – the addition of kiwi and mango to this meringue, yoghurt and coulis mix adds both juiciness and tropical colour.

Steak fajitas with kiwi salsa

Bored of regular old tomato salsa? Try this kiwi alternative, instead. Mixed with zingy lime juice, chopped chillies, coriander and shallots, it works perfectly with the marinated beef.

Juicy fruit salad 

After a long Winter, give your body a good injection of vitamins with a sweet and juicy fruit salad. Loaded with apple, apricot, clementines, banana and, of course, kiwi fruit, this salad makes a tastebud-pleasing breakfast or dessert with thick Greek yoghurt.

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