Lamb tagine

How to make the most of lamb leftovers

Lining up a rack of lamb for Easter but don't want it to go to waste? Here's how to turn your leftovers into lunch.

How to make the most of lamb leftovers

Every year, the UK generates around 6.6 million tonnes of household food waste. We're all about making the most of your meal, and making it last, too – which is why we've collected some of our favourite lamb recipes to turn leftovers into a delicious, filling dish for the next day (or three). 

Here are four ways to make leftover lamb last beyond Easter Day.


With harissa and dates, bring a little Middle Eastern heat to your leftover lamb with this easy, throw-together couscous recipe. The peas and sultanas can be substituted with green veg and sweetcorn, raisins or apple.


This rice salad can be eaten hot or cold, with chicken, pork, lamb or ham, making it a versatile lunchtime staple. The vinegar and chutney reduction cuts through the soft texture of the rice, and the curry powder brings the flavour.


Is there anything more comforting than a shepherd's pie, with butter-whipped potatoes on top and well-seasoned lamb beneath? Pop it in the freezer and save for lazy evenings or last-minute lunches.


A fragrant stew with a fruity twist, this lamb tagine is best served with fresh herbs on top to complement the warming spices infused in the slow-cooked recipe.

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